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Looking to start a profitable flower farm but not sure where to start? I was where you are when I decided I needed a better way to make decisions. This workbook walks you through my decision-making process and gives you the tools you need to market your business or services. Find your ideal client and pitch to them with confidence!

Identify your ideal client

Perfect for new growers in the flower community. Knowing who you're marketing to increases your profits!

Part One

Let's start with the basics: What is an ideal client avatar? Identify your ideal client through guided exploration.

Part Two

Once you have identified who your ideal client is, it's time to find them! Through the use of Social Media and search engines, you'll learn the tricks to find your people.

Part Three

Make the pitch! After working through Parts One and Two, email your identified ideal clients with the included email templates.

Christina Malinoski

Christina has loved the environment all her life but found her passion after attending the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation demonstration camps. She obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in agriculture. Adding to her extensive knowledge of the environment and ecology, Christina also has years of experience in sales and customer service.

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