The ultimate masterclass for any leader

Over this 9 day class, you'll learn how to develop your own capacity as a leader, as well as learning a replicable coaching framework for developing those you lead.

Your Coach

Austin Walker

I lead a team of student pastors at a church in Central Arkansas and oversee a ministry of 800+ students.

I have a passion for leadership (and a Master's Degree in it) and a desire to see others grow in their strengths and their leadership capacity. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Some Topics We Cover

The Role of a Leader

What qualities do you need to develop before you look to develop others?

Your Team's Unique Design

How do you leverage the uniqueness of your team to push towards your goals?

Game Changing Tools

Books, tools, resources, and more, all with the purpose of increasing your leadership capacity.

Are you ready to develop as a leader?

Enroll now and we'll take the next 9 days to walk through core competencies every leader needs to know, and it's all free, and all from your phone, tablet, or computer.