Stay Connected Online with our Weekly Virtual Support Groups

Our groups are held weekly and are open to all. They are "drop-in" style. Registration is required prior to coming. So keep this webpage handy. Please feel free to share our groups with anyone who may be interested in attending.

The Honor System

During this difficult time we are offering a generous sliding scale for those who may need financial accommodations as a result of COVID-19.  All virtual groups are free to those who have lost their income, available on a sliding scale of $15 for those who have been financially hurt by the pandemic, or the suggested rate of $25. We ask that you use this honor system. 



This 60 minute group meets weekly on Thursdays at 12:30 PM EST.  It is facilitated by Nina Chaifetz, LCSW-R.  We are in an unprecedented time and we are all facing  a multitude of losses, from the loss of physical connections and affection, to the loss of normalcy - such as  social gatherings, celebrations and milestone events, to the loss of financial security for many, and of course the loss of life -  loved ones, neighbors, and community members.  This group will provide a safe space to learn about grief and to explore the variety of losses we are individually and collectively facing. Join us to get support and cultivate coping skills to move through this time with more ease.


This 60 minute group meets weekly on Tuesdays at 8 PM EST.  It is facilitated by Nicole Wagner LCSW. This group will support and connect mothers of toddlers and young children. During this current crisis, we are all experiencing many intense feelings. We are socially isolated and we are at home with our young children all day. Some themes we will explore are: challenges and successes in creating a sense of normalcy, talking to children about the pandemic and managing stress and anxiety during these unprecedented circumstances.


This 75 minute group is held Fridays at 5 PM EST. This group is   is facilitated by Robin Friedman, LCSW. Creativity is one of the most important coping tools we can access right now. Learn how to use expressive collage as a coping tool and find sources of hope and inspiration straight from your imagination. Each group will have a loose theme, which will be communicated days prior so participants can prepare the materials they wish to use. Each participant will have to supply themselves with their own collage materials - pictures, cutting tools and a backing - some of which are available on Amazon or can be made from reused materials like cereal box cardboard, etc...


To continue to provide services during this time, we are asking individuals to participate using the honor system. 

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