The 20x Interim CFO Alexander Plaschko talks about the skill set, that has helped him to stay positive, mindful & performing in his stressful financial executive life!

My name is Alexander. For the last 20 years I have been working as an interim financial executive.

You and me as financial managers are exposed to more work with less resources, 60-80 emails per day and conflicting work priorities. In order to stay happy, healthy and performing in such an environment I developed a system for less stress and more mindfulness for busy financial executives.

Let’s have a quick chat  and I will give you an overview of our digital training group!

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Digital Training Group For financial Executives

Combines the best of...

Martial arts, Psychology & Yoga. I have achieved master or trainer status in all three of them.

Fits your busy schedule

Only a few minutes per day required. 

Reduce stress...

while you still can! I have been where you are and know the toxic environment you’re working in!

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