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“I help women 35 and over with Brain Fog, Low Energy, and Pain using a Revolutionary All Natural Healing Program so that can enjoy their active family and work life without the reliance of pills or insurance.”

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Webster, Texas

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There’s nothing that can impede a healthy and active lifestyle more than having issues with brain fog, no energy or pain.

Even when having insurance, the outrageous deductibles and co-pays can make it financially out of reach.  And the other problem is that well-meaning doctors and healthcare practitioners may be able to identify bones and muscles but they don’t know how to fix these problems in women over 35 years of age.

So they just resort to prescribing pills…which just masks the symptoms and upsets the body.

Well, I have some pretty great news for you…

There is a new revolutionary method that is showing remarkable results and women over 35 are loving it.

It’s called, “The Brain Fog Program "

It’s an all-natural therapy treatment program based on the newest science specifically for women over 35 who have brain fog, low energy, or pain.

Here’s what one client had to say:

“I love Valeo Cryo so much! I suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (auto immune condition that attacks thyroid) and this provides me with a host of ailments ranging from low energy and joint aches to headaches and brain fog! After just a week of freezing twice a day at Valeo I’ve had considerable relief with my aching joints and it has helped so much with brain fog and energy!  Any relief is greatly appreciated when you have a daily struggle with pain! The staff is so wonderful and friendly and truly passionate about helping people! I highly recommend going to Valeo!! Thank you to all the wonderful staff that has been so helpful and accommodating since day one!.” -Jessica (37 y/o)

Now, I know this might sound like it would be expensive but it’s not.

Believe it or not, it can be as low as $593 for the entire 6-Week Program (depending on the complexity of your condition).

Who am I?

I work closely with a physical trainer, licensed physical therapist, chronic pain and weight loss coach, and I’ve helped over 5,000 people gain a new lease on life.

My mission is to end chronic pain, one person at a time, so they can be active, pain free, and the best version of themselves. This is my way of giving back.

What to Expect During the Free Consult Phone (or Video) Session

1) Find Out What’s Causing Your Problem

We’ll ask you a series of questions and listen to figure out more about your condition.

2) Find Out the Best Solutions to Fix It

Everyone’s condition is unique but we’ll help match the best solution for your condition.

3) Fast Tips

If time remains, we’ll give you fast tips you can do on your own at home to make it better immediately.

Schedule Your Free Discovery Consult Session Below

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Valeo Cryo

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