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“I help men and women 40 and over stop pain, get more active, and Return to Fitness by improving balance, muscle strength, and endurance so they can feel younger and more confident with their daily life and recreational activities without relying on pills or training programs that are ineffective or that may end up hurting you.”

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There is nothing that can impede a healthy and active lifestyle more than the compounding effect of prior or nagging injuries, long periods of inactivity, or a job that has you sitting all day.  Before you know it, you are getting winded walking up stairs, your muscles may get sore from what use to be easy yardwork, or you are starting to have difficulty getting up or down from the ground.

So many turn to the internet or smart phone apps looking for workouts that are not designed for them or they may sign up with a gym with no trainer or use a trainer who has completed a weekend course and doesn’t understand how to train todays complex client.

Well, I have some pretty great news for you…

There is a new revolutionary training method we use at Valeo Fit that is showing remarkable results by getting people results faster.

It’s called, “Return To FIT Program”

It’s a training program based on the latest research in the physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning field.

Here is what one client had to say:

“As a casual runner whose goal was to run a marathon on my 60th birthday (I had run several marathons a few years ago), I made the classic mistake of increasing my mileage too rapidly and came down with what I thought was a classic case of plantar fasciitis.  After giving up my goal and completely stopping running for over 5 months while performing all the classic activities to heal my PF, I was still in pain.  My friend Lauren recommended I go see Paul and his team at Valeo.  I dropped in and was able to receive a first class evaluation from Paul who was quickly able to identify that I had extreme weakness in several of my right leg muscles.  Those weaknesses led to other muscles attempting to compensate when I ran and consequently resulting in the pain I was experiencing in my heel.  Paul recommended I begin an 8 session ‘runners tune up’ program.  At that point I was introduced to Tony ‘The Trainer’.  Tony is extremely knowledgeable and personable.  He initially had me perform a series of movements which isolated particular muscles which left me no doubt as to how weak some of my muscles really were.  Tony, being well versed in functional anatomy, was able to patiently explain to me why certain muscle weaknesses forced other muscles to work harder leading to movement patterns that result in my pain.  Armed with that knowledge, I fully embraced the therapeutic movement activities that Tony put me through during my sessions.  Tony kept the workouts fresh by having me perform a number of different exercises designed to develop increased core strength as well as focus on my weak leg muscles.  After four treatments, I had a noticeable reduction in my pain and at the completion of the program, I was nearly pain free.  To top it off, they sent me a sheet of exercises tailored to my specific muscle weaknesses that I can continue to do the exercises at home own.  I whole heartily recommend Valeo, thanks to them I’m back out pounding the pavement.” CL

Now, I know this might sound like it would be expensive but it’s not.

Believe it or not, it can be as low as $499 for the entire 6-Week or 12-Week Program (depending on the complexity of your case).

Who am I?

I am a certified athletic trainer with a Bachelors Degree in Fitness and Human Performance and Master Degree in Athletic Training. I work closely with our physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers. I have experience with a variety of clients from all ages and all fitness levels.

I am also the oldest child in my family, with three younger siblings and I am excited in my role to act as a third parent to them. Both my mom and my dad came from big families. My mom has 18 siblings and so does my dad! As you can probably tell, family is very important to me. I love to go to family gatherings help to cook, play with my cousins and I can’t imagine not being able to do those things. This is why I enjoy helping others get back to Fitness. Allow me to help you.

My mission is to end chronic pain, one person at a time, so you can be active, pain free, and the best version of yourself. This is my way of giving back.

So excited to meet you!

What to Expect During the Free Consult Phone (or Video) Session

1) Find Out What is YOUR Fitness Goal!

We’ll ask you a series of questions and listen and work with you to design a plan that gets you back to those activities.

2) Discuss any prior conditions that may interfere with the Fitness Process!

Everyone’s condition is unique but we’ll help match the best solution for your condition.

3) Fast Tips

If time remains, we’ll give you fast tips you can do on your own at home to make it better immediately.


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