FREE 5-Day Challenge!

Rediscover your Priorities to Make Time for What Matters

(for Solo Business Owners, Small Businesses, and College Grads with a side hustle)

By the end of this challenge you’ll:

  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Know your priorities and boundaries
  • Know what tasks to say yes and no to
  • Reduce distractions and procrastination
  • Focus more on your income generating tasks

As a solo business owner, small business, or newly graduated with a side hustle, do you:

  • Have a lot you want to accomplish, but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Get distracted or tend to procrastinate?
  • Tend to say “yes” to what others want you to do, just to please them?
  • Wonder how you’ll get everything done?

One of the reasons you wanted to start your business was to set your own schedule, right?

But there is a process you need before that...

I have turned this value-centered goal-setting process I do with my clients into a Free 5-day Challenge with a private Facebook community for support and accountability.

This can be a personal and emotional process, so I want to give you a safe space for discussion.


Who the Challenge is for:

~ Ready to dive in and really get to know yourself around your values, priorities, and boundaries.

~ Have past trauma and you've come out the other side. You're a survivor, no THRIVER, but your priorities have changed so tasks don't align with your goals anymore or as well.

~An action-taker, dedicated to putting this time and effort into yourself and business, so you can create the a life of what matters most to you.

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What to expect


About the author

Meet your Time Management Coach, Jennifer Vaaler

Day 1

Time Audit

You'll start discovering where you time goes to gain back that time.

Day 2


Before you take the next steps to get where you're going, you must first reflect on where you've been.

Day 3

Self Awareness

Discover where your values and priorities need to be realigned.

Day 4


Based on what you discovered so far, where do you want to go from here?

Day 5

Put it all together + Next Steps

Create your ideal schedule

Join the waitlist now!

You'll be notified the day the challenge launches!

About Jennifer

Hi. I’m Jennifer, your Time Management Strategist. I help action-driven people like you go from “What’s next?” to “Easy No” by aligning your goals with your values. This way, you can schedule your priorities to get more done, earn more money, and feel balanced.

Are you ready?