The Variety Voyage

A FREE 6 day event for families who want to add more variety and fun into everyday family meals.

Enjoy eating a wider variety of food!

Join us for simple activities designed to help busy families learn to explore and enjoy a variety of foods together. 

Every family can enjoy meals that are rich in a variety of color, texture, and taste - without tears or bribery. 

Sign up now & change how your family eats a meal together!

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce the fear and stress that comes from "NEW" and "DIFFERENT"  by taking the emotion out of food and instead looking at it in a more analytical and engaging way.

Explore Food

Give your kids the experience they need to explore and enjoy a wide variety of food through simple activities designed to get your kids to think about their food.

Create Curiosity

Infuse more fun and curiosity into your family's meals with simple experiments and fun worksheets the whole family can complete together.

Create more enjoyable family meals today!

What you will explore:

Day One

Pack your bags!

Set the stage for your family's voyage in this fun and easy challenge! Day One is all about getting on the same page and having fun! What affects how we feel about our food? What makes us want to eat more? Explore these questions and more.

Day Two

Visual Variety

Learn what goes into making a plate LOOK interesting and appealing. Day Two is all about how the visual aspect of a plate makes us want to eat it (or not!). Explore easy ways to make changes to how your food looks.

Day Three

Over the Rainbow

You have heard "Eat the Rainbow", right? Day Three is all about how to explore simple ways to add more color into every meal to make it seem more enticing, creative, and fun - without breaking out the cookie cutters!

Day Four

Bring on the texture!

Learn why texture plays such an important role in our food and how you can easily change an entire meal with simple additions. Day Four is all about helping your kids explore and understand the texture of food, and how it creates a balanced meal.

Day Five

That “little extra something”

Garnishes! Does your family need them? Learn how and why to use garnishes in simple ways that will help your kids actually eat more of their meal! Day Five is all about learning how to garnish a plate with fresh herbs and more.

Day Six

Creating a Complete Meal

Put all the puzzle pieces together, and with your kids help, create a fantastic meal that is rich in variety - and watch as everyone loves it! 

Go on the Variety Voyage!