Staples & Spices & Recipes

For a variety of reasons, you've decided to give a Plant Based diet a try.  Whatever your motivation, in the beginning it can feel difficult and overwhelming.

But it's not that tough and it's so worthwhile, that I know with some support and a few tips to help you get started, you'll ace it without any problems.

Clicking on the button below will give you access to a list of Basic Staples that will help you prepare and provide delicious and nutritious meals for you and your family.  

It will also give you the complete list of Spices and their numerous health benefits, so that you can not only put delicious meals on the table, but will boost your 'Health Quotient' immeasurably.

And last but not least, along with the Basic Staples List and the Healthy Spices List, you'll receive 6 delicious and simple starter recipes to test out.  As flavourful and easy as they are, I have no doubt that they'll each become go-to additions to your weekly menu.

So do yourself a favour and sign up now!  You will be so happy you did!

First Benefit

Helps you identify the basic Tools to Better Health.

Second Benefit

A detailed list of staples & spices saves you money.

Third Benefit

Discover the Health Benefits of Powerful Spices

Fourth Benefit

Access important nutrient advice.

Fifth Benefit

Staples list including your protein sources.

Sixth Benefit

6 Delicious and Super Easy Recipes to make supper easier.