Three Workshops to

Eat Yummier & Healthier!

Get these bite-sized & straight-to-the point pre-recorded workshops because you're a busy foodie after all 😉! 

Everything starts here

1. Setup your pantry

While you need variety and healthy options, you don't need one million ingredients for your daily meals.

Discover in our first workshop what exactly you need to eat yummy without breaking the bank!

More specifically, learn:

* The ingredients you need in your kitchen, so you introduce a variety
and healthy options that are also affordable

* Three eating & shopping habits, having in mind the balanced vegan plate.

* Two ways to organize your pantry, so you save money & time.

The fun begins

2. Use your pantry in a smart & lazy, way

Take what you learned in the 1st workshop and explore all the options you have to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks without spending all of your day in the kitchen!

More specifically:

* Take the knowledge from the first workshop & explore combinations and possibilities to create delicious, homemade, and vegan foods for your daily needs!

* Get familiar with preparing easy options for your breakfast, lunch,
dinner, and snacks without spending all of your day in the kitchen.

* Save money by preparing quickly foods from scratch, and
replacing/minimizing store-bought foods.

Get well-fed in < 30'

3. Make 5 vegan meals in under 30'

Want to prepare plant-based meals that are easy, delicious AND healthy?

You're in the right place because you'll learn how to make 5 meals that will give you energy (forget the meal plan & prep!)

More specifically:

* Learn how to prepare 5 vegan meal ideas in under 30 minutes.

Recycle some of this yumminess for an additional preparation 😉

The 5 meals are:

1. Vegan Bolognese style sauce
2. "Fish" tofu sandwich with vegan mayonnaise
3. Kritharaki (orzo) with jackfruit
4. Greek fava with asparagus
5. Gnocchi with basil-walnuts pesto

Three workshops to upgrade your vegan cooking!


Why listening to us?

Because we're the lazy foodies who love good vegan food.

And we know you don't have time (or maybe the desire) to spend your weekend prepping your weekly meals (and it's not very healthy actually to eat food you prepared 5 or 6 days earlier!)

Follow our tips and secrets and fall in love (again) with easy vegan meals!  ðŸ˜Ž

Because lazy (and healthy) vegan cooking is possible!


Instantly accessible

When you purchase, you receive the payment confirmation.

After that, you'll receive a second email within 12h with all the links to the videos and the spreadsheet/documents.

Check your spam folder as well.

Pre-recorded workshops

👉 3 bite-sized video/audio workshops of a total duration of 33min (we know your time is precious!!)

👉 1 Google sheet "Kitchen Prep" & 3 workshop presentations (with and without notes)

👉 Complimentary access to the replay of one of the live cooking classes (chopped, of course, so you get the essential info!)

👉 Lifetime access with any additional updates

Because you're fed up with eating the same & the same (unhealthy) foods!

Tired even by thinking you need to do meal plan & prep.

And because you don't even need to be a vegan to explore and enjoy yummy and healthy vegan meals!


  • What is the format?

There are 3 pre-recorded workshops (video/audio with captions).

Because we know your time is precious, these are bite-sized of a total duration of 33 minutes, so you don't spend all of your day watching them.

We also provide you with spreadsheets for Kitchen Prep and the workshop documents (with and without notes).

  • I'm not a vegan. Are these workshops right for me?

Yes, if you want to cook easy plant-based foods with non-highly processed ingredients (such as nuts, seeds, pasta, etc.).

  • I'm a vegan. Are these workshops right for me?

Yes, depending on your knowledge.

If for instance, you are vegan but you buy a lot of store-bought products because you are not sure how to make your own meals, or because you think it takes centuries to cook, then get the workshops.

If, however, you know already the essential ingredients for your pantry and the combinations to prepare quick plant-based meals from scratch, then these 3 workshops are probably not the right fit for you.

  • I have already bought your e-book and one of your virtual cooking classes. Are they the same?

No, they're not.

The e-book has tips and secrets from my culinary studies, as well as meal plan + prep tips, and of course, recipes!

People love it and if you have it, it will help you for sure.

The virtual cooking classes are cooking videos with full explanations about what I do and why I do it.

The workshops are not step-by-step cooking videos.

  • I don't have PayPal. Can I still pay?

Yes, you can with your credit card. You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay.

  • Can I buy only one workshop?

These bite-sized workshops are meant to work like a series.

So you first set up your panty, then, you take what we see in the first workshop to see how to use them, and finally, you take our 5 vegan meal ideas to prepare in under 30 minutes.

From the second workshop, you have already many many ideas, but the 3d one is to facilitate you even more!

  • Do I have immediate access when I pay now?


You firstly receive the confirmation payment, then, within 12h, you'll receive digital access to the workshop material.

  • I have other questions.

Send us an email at and ask us!

Disclaimer: We're not health specialists, so in case you have a specific health issue or any nutrition questions, please address them to your health specialist.