Chose from 40+ plus vegan recipes to make every day!

Clients love my homemade granola recipes! There's no going back to shop bought after you try them.

Find out why overnight oats are so beneficial for your health and so easy to prep. 

Did you go Vegan to get healthy and now eat more processed meals than ever before because you don't know what to cook? It happens a lot. Eating Vegan is not easy at the beginning, unless you have the 'know how'. This is why many people end up eating vegan sausages and processed meals. The vegan food industry is huge these days but ask yourself is real food?

I often work with Vegan clients on their health and get asked 'will a vegan diet give me enough energy to exercise? => the answer is yes and there are many professional vegan sportsmen and women. But you need to eat enough protein, which is where people get into trouble. A Nutritionist can help you work out much protein you need, good vegan sources and how to squeeze that into your day.

Do you feel unhealthier since starting a Vegan diet? => then take advantage of the free 121 on the programme and find out where you are going wrong. 

Starting on the 17th January my 2 week programme will include:

  • my 40+ recipe meal plan of tasty breakfasts, 
  • healthy snacks, lovely lunches and delicious dinners plus 
  • 4 Facebook lives, 
  • an online coffee morning and a 
  • free 121 to have a private chat with me about your health. 

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Veganuary Meal Plan

This 100% vegan food plan is designed to nourish the body by eating a wide diversity of plant foods. It is suitable for committed vegans and those who would like to experiment with not eating meat and dairy. It's fun, tasty, and simple!

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Get ready for clear skin, energy and weight loss!  

Forget counting calories - the easiest and most sustainable way to lose body fat is by replacing unhealthy ingredients with good quality fats and proteins, and nutrient dense vegetables to make tasty healthy dishes that you want to eat!

The recipes in this meal plan are prepared by Nutritionists who understand diet and nutrition. They are designed to balance energy and will leave you feeling lighter with less  bloating. 

My 100% vegan recipes are suitable for committed vegans, or people who just want to experiment with not eating meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

In short, easy to make plant-based recipes, naturally gluten free which do not compromise on flavour!