My name is Kinsey and I'm a mama to a 2 yr. old rowdy but oh so sweet little boy. He was born prematurely at 2 months early weighing only 2 lbs. 12 oz!

I started Written Word Interiors and I'm now inside of a retail location called The Refinery. Written Word Interiors is a faith-based hand-made and hand-lettered home decor and gift brand.


Balancing mom life and professional life has proven to be hard!

Basically all of my work is done late (I mean REALLY late) at night and during nap times and sometimes my boy likes to sit at the kitchen table and color while I paint.

I love that he sees me working and creating with my hands and wants to do the same thing!

He's turning into my little artist!


I had so many doubts before starting this business! Mainly the fear of not being good enough and not succeeding. Of looking silly and people not liking my work. I prayed a lot and knew God laid it on my heart to start it. Ultimately the peace I have is what allows the doubts and fears to fall to the waste side.

I think my role as a mother helped shape this vision just from going through the struggles we faced of having a premature child. The wrestling of fear and doubting God, and still His provision and plan was perfect all along.


Written Word Interiors was created to encourage faith, inspire creativity, share Jesus, and spark meaningful conversations in our homes. 

The best part is that it truly is a ministry first and business second. Sure it brings in some extra money, but more importantly it opens people up to Christ. It creates an opportunity for people to have meaningful conversations in their homes about our Heavenly Father, and I couldn't ask for anything more than that!