My name is Brandy. I am 30 years old, married to the best man there ever was, and have a beautiful, vivacious, and crazy 3 year old son. I have 3 degrees, a double BA in English and Psychology and an MA in Clinical/Counseling Psychology.

My business is extremely new, though the concept came to me a few years ago. I have a passion for editing, and I decided to see if I could turn that passion into a career by becoming a freelance editor. My company is called BNC Editing, and the type of editing I'm interested in is more copy editing, though I have the skills for both line and content editing.


I work full-time as it is and have been lucky finding the balance between work and home.

Since this new venture will be my only business, I'll be able to decide what I can handle and what I can't, which might make life easier for me when it comes to time with my kid.

Motherhood has taught me to value myself and what I can bring to the table, to find my passion and foster it. I don't think I would have had the guts to begin this venture if it wasn't for my incredible child.



I still experience doubts, which is why it took me a couple of years to get started. I doubted that anybody would be interested in my services. I doubted that I could actually handle the idea of putting myself out there and letting the world (or just facebook friends/family) know what I can do for them.

While I haven't officially announced my plans to many, I feel more confident now that I do have a valuable service to offer. Who doesn't need an editor? Even editors need editors!


   The best thing about my business is that it is mine: my ideas, my talent and expertise, my passion. I've always loved the written and spoken word. I'm more into the grammar side of English, and somehow that is something fellow classmates and coworkers have discovered in me.

So, I usually receive requests to look over/change documents and the like for others. Editing is something that excites me!

My vision is to grow my business. I don't mean by being able to hire other employees, but I would like to have constant and consistent work.