I'm Christie. After years of trial and error before having children I learned that to put time and effort into a "job" along with my most prized job of being a mother, I would have to not only enjoy the actual "job" itself, but had to love pretty much every aspect of the company. All of the "stay at home/side jobs" I looked into never seemed to fit until Melaleuca.


My process of getting to motherhood and Melaleuca has not been easy. After 5 1/2 years of awesome married life, many things in life were difficult. In the midst of 3 miscarriages, I tried school and a couple of different jobs and pretty much hated every minute of it, because I only wanted to be a mother. We are now blessed with two beautiful children (ages 3 and 1) and every part of me is grateful for the opportunity to be home with them.

Our youngest baby was born with gastroscisis. She had two surgeries, hospital stays, ER runs, home bound for EIGHT AND A HALF MONTHS! Hard! Hospital life and home life were extremely challenging. I was still nursing my oldest who was 22 months at the time. Going back and forth between the Ronald McDonald house even throughout the middle of the night. At home the toddler (or anyone else) wasn't allowed to touch the baby without being scrubbed down. No kissing or really breathing on her especially if you felt the slightest sniffle coming on.  Nursing and pumping, measuring, physical therapy, doctors appointments, monitoring. The list just goes on.... And literally the day after the baby's "all clear" my husbands hours at work were cut in half. He is such a hard worker and does as many side jobs as he can find. But at 24 hours, needless to say, difficult! 


Of course I had doubts. All of the companies I looked into doing from home had one or multiple of these things:

-Monthly sales requirements

-Required to order stock which takes away from income

-Limited and/or overpriced items 

-Products that I'm unable to even try because of my food allergies (which a lot of them have ingredients that I don't really think are good for anyone) 

-They said you have support but just kinda throw you out there on your own. 

Not to mention, I am a HUGE introvert. To the point of making my husband walk into Sunday School before me at church, because I don't want people to look at me when I walk in the door.

This company has bent over backwards to help me in every possible way. In ways I didn't even know they could. I didn't know a company like them existed. 


I personally started buying Melaleuca products because I love using essential oils. I love the higher quality oils but didn't like the price. Now I get my oils for 50% of what I was paying. 

All of their cleaning products work better than anything I have ever tried, they smell amazing, and I can let my toddler clean with them.

I love it because it's a wellness company that does true residual income, is recommended by some of the most financially successful people in America, is the largest online store in North America, the people you refer do the shopping (no need for stocking up stuff in your garage), none of their products have child safety caps (because they don't need them), the vitamins are different than anything you can get on the market (ask me how), the support system is shocking, and their goal is for families to live debt free.

Life changing events have started happening in our home. In a bigger way than just a pay check. Starting when my oldest daughter was around 12 months old and had her first few teeth in, her teeth and hair started breaking and chipping. Plus she was just so tiny. I could see all of her ribs and if she was ever sick it was just concerning to me because she had no meat on her. Fast forward two years, 7 different doctors and dentists later, with no "answers". She is now three and her teeth chipped and decayed to the point of her needing dental surgery.

I started using Melaleuca products and a month before her scheduled dental surgery, I noticed that her hair was no longer coarse. It didn't seem to be breaking off either. From the roots to the tips it was soft and healthy. She is still thin but her body just looks healthier. Even family members and friends have started commenting on her hair and how good she looks.

The ONLY thing I have changed is Melaleuca. Using their household cleaning products and giving her their probiotics and vitamins when I think about it. This is just a taste of what the company has done for my personal family so far.