My name is Gretchen and while I have recently acquired the name "Gretchen Kotlar- The Bra Lady" I am first a wife and mother. I have been married to my husband for 5 years and we have two beautiful children; a little girl who is two and a baby boy who is almost 6 months old. I was first introduced to the Essential Bodywear while attending a home party. Not only did I enjoy the company around me, but I had an experience that changed my life. I had been a mother for just about one year at that point and breastfeeding had really changed my body. When my bra lady privately fit me in our Abbie bra I was hooked! Essential Bodywear was created to uplift and support women. As a traveling bra lady, I bring the bra store to your door with bra styles and sizes ranging from 32A-44H.


When I became a bra lady two years ago, my daughter took three hour naps and I had time then to really work on my business. As my family grew, I worked hard to find my new balance for family time and Bra Lady time, and I finally found that balance.

I am realistic with myself, because my job as a wife/mother are very important to me. My job as a bra lady works perfectly with my desires to continue being a stay at home mom, but also educate women by having fun. Usually I'll plan for parties to be at night or on the weekend when my husband can help me by watching the kids. Other days I fit women with both of my children in tow or my mother comes to watch my children for me.

Part of that balance is also taking a little bit of time every morning to be still, pray and make a list. Usually my list has between 5-10 tasks on it. Some tasks I can get done that day and others will take a few days, but once I write it down I try to make it happen. 



The biggest doubts I had were about balance between work life and home life. Once I gave myself some grace and remembered that every day didn't have to be perfect those doubts were conquered.  

To anyone considering "mompreneurship" I say, "Go for it!" We are setting a wonderful example for our children by interacting and reaching others through our service/business. 

I know not every woman I meet will have the courage to try on a new bra and that's okay. If I can teach someone something and open the door to a conversation, I might find that I can help them in some other unexpected way.

Every day doesn't have to look perfect and you don't have to be successful in your first day, month or year. Continue reflecting on your hard work and using that quiet time to create new ideas.  


When I get a text message or email thanking me for teaching them about the importance of a good fitting bra I am one happy Bra Lady.It's the best part about my business! I quickly learned that fitting a woman into a bra is an art. I am always learning as I meet new women and I couldn't ask for more in a job! 

I'm a former teacher so I continue to educate. Now it's targeted toward women while also making them feel confident in their bra. As a mother I want to take advantage of as many teachable moments as I can. When my children are learning, they are growing confidence, and when situations present themselves where I can see my extra time spent with them has paid off, I am delighted by that.

Similarly, I want my customers to learn something new about themselves or the bra they will walk away with! There is nothing more satisfying to me as a Bra Lady than a woman saying, "Wow, I never knew that!"