My name is Lauren. I started being a stay at home mom in the end of June when I moved to Texas and was insanely pregnant. I have three boys and one baby girl. I started researching what work from home jobs I could do so I could continue to stay home with them and shape their development. I found Endless Xpressions a few months ago before the holiday season so I could earn extra income for presents and I just kinda took it and ran. This site has a little bit of everything, from leggings to wax melts and everything in between. It is also a Veteran owned company which is something that is very important for me to support.

The second business I do is Younique because I saw so many other women doing it and looking empowered in the process. That's something that I wanted. Being home full-time you lose yourself in your kids, and I wanted to gain a little self-confidence back after having baby. I am definitely loving the makeup and skincare line they have. It has been a huge confidence booster in my day to day life.


Balancing two business's and taking care of children is no easy feat. As a lot of us know, we don't just take care of the children, but the entire household. That is a full-time job in itself!

Don't even get me started on laundry! Alone time is a novel concept, but when I have it I try to work on my business a little bit at a time. Persistence is key when doing something like this! Great things don't happen overnight! 


I have constant doubts about running my own business, but it's a "one day at a time" mindset. I try to overcome doubt by looking at the positive aspects about the business's that I am doing. Little by little I'm getting what I do out there. Sure not everyone is going to want to buy the products no matter how much I post and talk about it, but then the people come along that are interested in what I do and will buy them.

It's easy for me to get discouraged, but I am learning that it's a temporary thing. I just started this journey, and it will get easier. I'm working on being a more positive person, my coffee mug that I use every morning says, " Rise.Shine. Kick Butt." Find something that gives you encouragement throughout the day on this journey. 


I can't tell you how many great things Endless Xpression's carries for the household and for mom's to pamper themselves a little bit with. It's also affordable which is no small thing when keeping a budget!

Younique has an incredible support system that comes with selling! It's really a sisterhood of women that look out for you and inspire you on a daily basis! Not to mention how the makeup makes you feel. Staying home with the kids can get lonely a lot of the time, but this makeup has helped me see my self worth and improve my mood.

Don't get me wrong you don't need makeup to feel beautiful, but it definitely helps me on my down days! Not to mention this makeup and skincare is insanely good for your skin which now that I am in my late 20's (that was hard to type!) I have become more aware of what I put on my skin and what the products are made of.