My name is Victoria Parmer. I married a boy from my hometown and I still get butterflies when he calls. He makes me laugh and keeps me grounded. I can’t imagine life without him! I’m also a mother of two. A boy that is 4 years old and a little girl that is 2. I stay at home with the kiddos, and I sell clothes locally in a boutique and have a blog called The Gal Next Door. I'm also a distributor for SeneGence. We have a product called LipSense - it’s the lipstick that doesn't come off! I accidentally became involved with SeneGence and I can’t believe how quickly my little business is growing. This has been a God-led thing from day one. As of today, I just hit my second ranking within the company and my commission has quadrupled since last month. I’m blown away!


Um, I don’t think I really do balance between work life and mom life. Ha! I do have lots of help though! We have both sets of grandparents in town, so they often hang with the kiddos. I have a few mornings to myself, and that is when I try to get work done on the computer.

Don't get me wrong, there are some days that I feel extremely overwhelmed (like most moms) between the kiddos, my clothing, social media, and keeping up with orders. But, I would never change it!


I had a million doubts before this journey. In fact, I ignored getting started for two months. I kept praying and God led me to take a chance. Having a positive response from the products was one of the first things that helped soothe my fear.

But now, I have a team of ladies that depend on me. I have had to step into a role that I've felt ill-equipped for. With God’s strength, He's given me the confidence to keep moving on.

To any mom out there considering running a business, just take a chance and pray. Listen to your heart and follow. If you fail, at least you tried. I’ve learned that life isn’t always supposed to be comfortable. You have to try new things to grow - to enrich your life and others.


The flexibility is great! I love being able to work whenever I can. And of course, playing with makeup everyday is pretty awesome!

More importantly, I love the possibility of this business. I have seen this company change the lives of many women - they have been able to quit their jobs permanently. Being able to be my own boss and wake up excited to do something I love everyday, well, I can’t think of anything better!

I want this to be a blessing to someone. SeneGence has been an unexpected blessing and I want to share it with everyone. The company is small and the opportunity is huge! I want every woman to be empowered by this business. When they join my team, I want them to feel supported.