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All you NEED to know about building a bulletproof YouTube Influencer brand

Grow, Influence & Monetize with YouTube

I spent eight years of success and frustration, wondering if my YouTube channel was only going to be a side hustle... to living a life of full-time travel and filming it for hungry travelers on YouTube and watching my videos bring positivity into lives.

I have asked all the questions you are asking and I've been through the emotions - overwhelm, worry, fear, doubts, frustrations, etc..- you are feeling.  

I have taken my eight years+ and distilled it into one course, so that YOU can  build a bullet-proof brand and monetize it faster, because your channel attracts an audience, which is looking for exactly what you are sharing!


Meet Christine

I am a female solo travel YouTuber and blogger with a background career producing popular reality TV shows for MTV.  I created my YouTube channel to film solo female  travel stories which needed to be told. 

Over the years, my videos have empowered solo travelers around the world to confidently take their first leap into traveling alone. I built my brand from scratch, collaborated with my dream brands, have a loving audience which financially supports my video work (even during a pandemic) and I work with tourism boards and sponsors to sculpt engaging episodes which help travelers. 

I learned YouTube through years of trial and error, so you don't have to! Let's jumpstart your channel...NOW.