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Video Jumpstart Academy Program

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I will be spilling everything you need to monetize, influence and grow your business on YouTube. This is targeted for those looking to use YouTube as an influencer brand or marketing business. 

 There will be proven templates, where I walk you through steps for setting it up and why I use certain strategies... and more!

I am also taking students for 1:1 coaching, where we work on a customized strategy for growing your YouTube channel and business. I have individual and package sessions. This is for the Creator who is serious about taking their channel to the full potential it can be. 

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1:1 youtube coaching

My coaching program is designed for video creators and business owners who are striving to expand their influence and profit.

Learn to attract your target audience and brand deals, grow and monetize your business through the power of YouTube.

I've successfully produced, directed and filmed reality shows and brand campaigns for some of the largest names in the business. Unleash your potential now!

curriculum program

My online program teaches you my Jumpstart method on how to accelerate your growth on YouTube, get the audience you deserve and monetize from day one!

I dish insider strategies on organic growth, the biggest mistakes YouTubers make, bonus pitch templates which make brand negotiations a breeze and more, more, more.

You'll have all the secrets to navigate and succeed  in this market.


Meet Christine

7 years ago, I was a female solo travel blogger with a background career producing popular reality TV shows for MTV.  I created my YouTube channel to film solo female  travel stories which needed to be told. 

Over the years, my videos have empowered solo travelers around the world to confidently take their first leap into traveling alone. I built my platform from scratch to a combined social audience of 275K+, collaborated with my dream brands and work with tourism boards and sponsors to sculpt engaging episodes which help travelers. 

Today, I am launching my own YouTube coaching business and curriculum program to help creators and businesses rescript their lives to create their own amazing opportunity!

I learned YouTube through years of trial and error, so you don't have to! Let's jumpstart your channel...NOW.