If you are an OT business owner who needs to generate a steady stream of referrals for your pediatric private practice, then this is for you!

Finally! An effective, strategic marketing plan tailored just for you that will get clients in your door!

In just 1 day I can teach you the "SMART" way to develop and create:


Have you been depending on pediatricians and physicians for client referrals?  

Do you feel like you're wasting valuable time and energy?

 Are you leaving business cards and fliers all over town, or making calls that go unanswered?

Do you send countless emails that either never get opened or don’t get a reply? 

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, fearful over not being able to sustain your business?

 Are you losing confidence in yourself as a business owner?


In 1 day, you will learn step-by-step, the way to turn anonymous preschools into partnerships that refer clients to you and your practice on a regular and consistent basis. You will also have the tools to get teachers to know, like, and trust you - so much that they want to send their trusting families to you!


A VIP Day is a 6 hour virtual one-on-one masterclass where, together, we will take my successful system of marketing and tailor it to create your own personalized marketing plan.  


⭐️ Business coaching to teach you how to successfully market yourself to preschools in your area

⭐️ An effective email strategy with accompanying email templates that will get replies

⭐️ Teacher powerpoint workshop explaining your special skills and how your services can answer their questions and solve their problems when it comes to their students

⭐️ Parent powerpoint workshop explaining your special skills and how your services can answer their questions and solve their problems when it comes to their children

⭐️ A program for in-school opportunities that makes you the expert that the teachers turn to and keep you front-of-mind for referrals outline for monthly groups, activities, and newsletters for the parents

⭐️ A screening template for consent, assessment, parent communication, and full evaluation to use when preschools request a screening

Don't Just Take My Word For It:

“A VIP day with Jane is an invaluable opportunity as a fellow business owner who wants to expand their practice, but save precious time in doing so! Jane has put in the work and graciously come up with a very individualized way to share her knowledge in a way that will fit into your practice. You will leave your VIP day feeling confident in the ability to approach preschools in a way that leads to lasting connections, and ultimately allows for the opportunity to serve more families. Jane, thank you for your wisdom and encouragement!”

-Megan Jewell Kids on the POINT OT (San Diego, CA)

If you value your time, you know that you'll spend so many more hours and therefore money trying to figure this all out on your own.

Just ONE privately paying client, that would cover the entire cost of this day.

Think of this VIP Day as an investment in yourself and your business for years to come.  The confidence and clarity you will gain by knowing you have an easy to implement, strategic plan that will bring clients into your business, year after year can't be measured by hours.

Develop Preschool Partnerships that Turn into Paying Private Clients

 By the end of this VIP Day, you will know how to generate a steady stream of referrals for your practice by going straight to the source to:

  •  educate parents and school officials on what to look out for 
  • know when to seek extra help, 
  • identify children in need as early as possible
  • and make meaningful and noticeable changes within their daily function in the schools and at home.


This is perfect for you if you’re an OT entrepreneur who is either in the beginning or growth stages of building your business without a plan or system in place to market yourself and create ongoing referral sources. Maybe you find yourself Googling the pediatricians in your area and volunteering to speak at mommy-&-me talks, but you’re finding it difficult to consistently show up and convey to referral sources that you are the one to solve their child's problems.

Here’s what a couple of my teacher referrals have had to say about my methodology:

"Before you started coming to the school, I felt lost at how to help some of my students. I knew there was something "not right" and I could see that they were struggling but I didn't know where to turn. After you started coming and doing your Sensory Exploration Groups, I felt so much more knowledgeable and I was able to help the parents better, as well as my students. We are all so happy (both the children and the teachers) when you come in for your group because we always learn something new, something we can do with the children that will help them, in the long run, be better students and be happier in school." - C.M. Preschool teacher of 4-year-olds

"My teachers raved about your workshop! They want to have you back every year. You made something the was difficult to understand very simple, and they were amazed they had never heard about sensory processing before. We're looking forward to having you come into the classrooms each month so that we can learn even more activities to do with our students. Thank you again." - E.H. Director of Preschool

Pay close attention if you're interested in:

  • Becoming known and trusted by the teachers in your community
  • Building confidence that you have a proven system to create relationships with preschools in your area
  • Developing clarity over how to nurture those relationships and expand them to the parents and families in the schools 
  • Creating a referral pipeline from teachers and schools that will keep your caseload full
  • Resting easy, knowing that you are taking actionable steps that will help grow your business



I spent far too long in a toxic work environment because I had no idea how I would find clients for my own private practice. I work in a heavily saturated sensory-gym area (at least 6 gyms between 2 towns) and I was scared and unsure if I could get clients to choose me over the others. When I finally opened up my own business, I did everything myself which took me years and years to develop my method of marketing to preschools.

Now, these schools supply me with 85% of my clients!

With this VIP Day, you don’t have to start from scratch the way I did. You get to skip the headaches, heartaches, tears, stress, and frustration that I felt, and immediately feel confidence, relief, and even joy, at the idea that YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Avoid the trial-and-error struggle that takes your mind and energy away from being effective in your business, and choose this proven method of "Developing Preschool Partnerships that Turn into Paying Private Clients."

Still on the fence?   Let me answer some of your questions:

  • What is your refund policy? Once the payment is received, the VIP Day will be scheduled.  If you need to cancel your VIP Day more than 14 days prior, you'll receive a full refund, minus a $250 holding fee.  If you need to cancel your VIP Day less than 14 days prior, you will receive a full refund minus a $500 late cancellation fee. Once the VIP Day has occurred, no refunds will be issued. 

  • Can I reschedule my VIP Day? One change of date request is offered if more than 14 days prior, without a penalty fee.

  • Do I get any access to you for support after the VIP Day?  After your VIP Day has ended, a 30 minute follow-up phone call is offered to celebrate wins and answer any additional questions.

  • How often is the VIP Day offered? Since I put 110% energy and effort into each individual therapist and our day together, I’m only able to offer 2 to 3 per month.

  • Can practice owners outside of the U.S. benefit from this VIP Day? My VIP Day is valuable for any therapist looking to break into the educational system and become an expert in your area. Go ahead to fill out my qualifying questionnaire and we can determine together if this is a right fit for you.

  • Is there a payment plan available? Payments can be made over  installments but the VIP Day cannot be booked until the total fee has been paid.

  • How can I contact you if I have more questions? Go ahead and fill out the Qualifying Questionnaire with all your questions so we can determine if the VIP Day is right for you.