Does your business need automation and a streamlined process?  Are you overwhelmed with looking for the perfect all-in- one system? 

Welcome to VIP Honeybook Setup Day! 

We know the problem. So let's talk SOLUTIONS!

Are you are tired of using and paying for multiple systems to send invoices, contracts, proposals, request testimonials, and all the other things your business requires? 

The good news: You can manage your entire business from one central location: HONEYBOOK! 

The better news: The Digital Solutions Team can setup your system in less than 10 hours! 

How VIP Day Works:

➔ 2 60 minute Implementation & Training Calls

➔ Branded Elements- Logo + Header 

➔ Customized Signature

➔1 Client Brochure with Prices + Services Overview

➔ Up to 10 Email Templates

➔ Up to 5 Sessions Added to Your Scheduler

➔ Up to 5 Packages with Pricing +Descriptions 

➔ Up to 3 Questionnaires

➔ 1 Lead Capture Form

➔ Customized Project Types

➔ Up to 2 Integrations

➔ 2 Automation Workflows

➔ Video Walkthrough 

➔ 10 Days of Support Via Voxer 

Our VIP Honeybook Setup Day Package Does NOT Include...

X Pipeline Customization

X Importing Current Clients

X Syncing Calendar

X Adding Team Members

X Customizing Lead Sources

X Customizing notifications

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