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On-Demand Legal Support for Small Businesses

Running a small business brings with it joy and challenge in equal measure. There is nothing that their corporate big brother tackles that the typical SME does not. From innovation to delivery, from marketing to customer after-care, from finance to people management, it all needs to be done. In the small business world, however, it has to be done without the resources and budget of the larger organisation.

Legal services are a case in point. Starting or growing a business is financially challenging and having access to the legal expertise and advice to build a business on strong foundations often seem out of reach.

The Virtual Legal Advisor from De Jure Chambers

Our flagship Virtual Legal Advisor model is specifically designed to offer businesses their own dedicated and very experienced legal counsel, available for advice, legal documents, protection of business assets and company structure – all for a single, fixed, monthly fee.

You’ll have immediate access to a qualified and experienced corporate solicitor who will provide all the legal support and advice you need to grow your business without risk – for as little as £180 per month.

Build Your Business Future on Strong Foundations

Whatever your long-term plans for your business, the action you take now will make that future more secure. The value of a business which is well structured, with clear terms of business and no legal vulnerabilities will be significantly higher than one which is not. Should you wish to sell, these are the first things your potential buyer and their legal team will look at. If you want to pass the business on as a legacy, you’ll be handing on a strong and resilient business to your successors. Even if your plans aren’t fully formed, you’ll be able to enjoy your business without the stress and hassle of dispute and disagreements.

With your Virtual Legal Advisor from De Jure Chambers you’ll have a single point of contact who knows you and your business and will create the legal framework which allows your business to grow without complications. As your plans change, they are right their with you to prepare the ground.

And it all begins with a free legal healthcheck

Your Free Legal Health Check

Meet your virtual legal advisor today

Typically a legal health check is conducted when you want to sell your business or you are seeking new investment. It forms part of the due diligence process.

At De Jure, we have learned that most of the issues identified at this stage were avoidable from the outset. By this point, the issues have festered, eroding the value of the business. This is why we provide a Legal Health Check as the first step in engaging your Virtual Legal Advisor.

We’ll understand your business, discuss your plans, review your business documents, conduct background checks.

The Legal Health Check will include reviews of the following:

  • Terms of Business and Engagement letters
  • Business structure and systems
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights, including Trademarks, patents, design rights and copy right
  • Shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and incorporation documents
  • Customer and key supplier contracts
  • Employee contracts

Once our review is complete you’ll receive a report highlighting gaps and potential vulnerabilities and make recommendations for you and your board to consider.

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