ZenMaid Virtual Receptionists

Never worry about missed calls or follow-up again.

Our virtual receptionists are ready to help run your cleaning business. We're US-based and trained on phones, booking customers, and follow-up. Exclusively for zenmaiders in partnership with Inova Local. 

Know the cleaning industry


Our ZenMaid Virtual Receptionists are experienced professionals, fully trained in the daily responsibilities of your cleaning business.



We hire native, English speaking virtual receptionists from the US (a few from Canada sneak in occasionally). No language and accent difficulties for you or your customers.

So what is a virtual receptionist?


There is something EVERY cleaning business owner can agree on -  we are sick of answering the phone! 

But sometimes we don't need a full-time virtual assistant or office manager. That's where our ZenMaid Virtual Receptionists come in to help. We'll just handle the essentials for you by answer your phones, booking customers, making follow-up calls and even sending call notes to you via text or email.

So what exactly can a ZenMaid virtual receptionist handle?

Here's where we shine


Handling phone calls is one of the biggest distractions during the day. Don't let them slow you down any longer. Our virtual receptionists are experts on the phone. Whether you want us to handle incoming calls or make some outgoing calls, we can handle it.


We're also able to handle any customer follow-up calls you may have. Just send us the list each day and we will reach out for you and get people back on the schedule!


You know how often Yelp or HomeAdvisor calls to bug you? Well not anymore :) From now on we can screen any calls for you and turn away any sales people. 


Any time a customer calls to book we can schedule the appointment right on your public zenmaid booking form for you, allowing you to focus on delivering any amazing cleaning.


If you already have an office manager in place and just need a little extra help covering some calls we can do that too. Calls will roll over to our team of zenmaid receptionists automatically.


After every call you can expect detailed call notes to be delivered either through email or text so you are always up-to-date on what is happening in your business. 


Finally, we got you covered here too. Any voicemails from after hours we can do call-backs for as soon as you reopen, making sure you we book as many interested customers as possible.

Call notes texted to you

Coverage during YOUR Business Hours

Free consultation

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We'll answer all of your questions to get you started.

Pricing plans


We're flexible. Join us for just the free trial, seasonally as you need us, or work with us for years to come. Cancel or pause your service at any time with no hidden fees. 


60 Talk Minutes - $129/mo


☉ Suitable for 1-5 calls a day 
 Overage at $2.50/min
 One-time $99 Setup Fee (after your free trial)


180 Talk Minutes - $279/mo


Suitable for 10+ calls a day
Overage at $2.30/min
NO Setup Fee

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