So many of us are struggling to make the best use of our time.

We want to stop the rushing, procrastinating, and distractions that cause us to waste time and overwhelm our world. 

We want to be good stewards of the time God has given us, but we could all use a little help sometimes.

I would love to sit with you over a (virtual!) cup of coffee or tea and talk about ways to use your time well for the glory of God.

We all need a listening ear, accountability, and some new ideas on how we can use our time better, but not everyone is ready to commit to a structured program or course.

That's where our Virtual Coffee DROP-IN Coaching Sessions come in!

These complementary twice monthly Zoom calls are led by Julie Gill, a God-centered Time Management Coach who can help you build the right habits that work with your time management style and season of life. 

Come as often or as little as you'd like. You'll find the help, support, and encouragement you need to make the best use of your time!

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