We restart on September 5th 2021

VIRTUAL JAM - play & reflect

Every first Sunday of the month
11.00 EST II 17.00 CET II 18.00 CEST

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How do we create performance within this current complexity of mediations?

This jam is a two hours session of one hour play and improvisation and one hour exchange, reflection, feedback, questions and a free flow conversation.

VIRTUAL JAM play & reflect" offers a platform

  • for collegial exchange
  • to grow together and inspire each other
  • experiments, new formats and dive into yet unexplored aspects of virtual provided art in a safe environment
  • where artists come together and improvise, trying out new tools, new ideas, play with visuals, sound, movement, choreography and other elements of chance.

Please note - it is active participation !!

Make it yourself comfortable, something to drink, and be prepared to show yourself on the screen, be ready to interact, to talk, to do some experiments and be aware that this format is not made for consumption from a hidden perspective.

And of course: share, share, share.

Bring your favourite performers, the mavericks and meals to reach high level fun accompanied by learning and experience.

September  5th

Upcoming Jams:

October 3rd 

November 7th

December 5th


Relay race

In this upcoming jam we want to follow a very simple structure:

  • One person starts and is spotlighted, another person adds her- or himself and they perform as a duo.

  • If the first performer turns off the camera, another person has to spotlight her-/himself. Or if a third person is spotlighted, the first performer has to leave the screen.

We want to investigate:

  • What brings me in/ out of the spotlight?

  • How can I enter/ leave in a virtual setting?

  • What are my tendencies/ triggers to react?

  • What are my strategies to be in performative dialogue?

  • What keeps me going? What throws me out?

  • Do I follow some principals regarding to catch up, developing further and wrap up?

  • When I understood my mechanisms, where can I try some changes and how?

  • Please come up as well with your own investigation-questions

The Zoom-Doors will be open 15 minutes before!

It would be helpful, if you can enter before starting time, so that we can open the playground on time.

In this 15 minutes

  • you can check your tools
  • settle yourself and connect to others
  • access with the different devices you want to use.