Do you need a Virtual Makeup Artist?

Your wedding day is approaching and you are still unsure whether you will be able to have a makeup artist there on the day, for whatever reason.

Maybe you are so much more comfortable doing your own makeup but you know that you need some help to pull it all together?

Or, you're still having your big wedding, albeit it may have been postponed but you're having a small ceremony earlier and you want to look your very best.

Who am I?

I'm Katy, I'm a professional freelance multi award winning makeup artist and I've been in this wonderful industry for over 20 years. Prior to setting up my Luxury Makeup business, Makeup by Katy, I traveled around the UK, Europe and the US as one of Laura Mercier's Global Makeup Artists.

Now married myself and with a family, I am passionate about empowering women to feel their most beautiful using beauty and makeup.

Weddings are my full time work and they give me the ultimate in job satisfaction. I work on average 40-50 weddings each year and won The Wedding Industry Awards Best Makeup Artist East of England in both 2019 and 2020.

Being there on your wedding day would be incredible, but if I can't, this is for you.

What is a Virtual Makeup Experience?

A Virtual Makeup Experience (VME) is the next best thing to having a makeup artist with you on the day.

So much more than a typical YouTube tutorial or makeup counter makeup lesson, a VME is unique for YOU. It is bespoke to YOU, designed to help you create the look you desire, as if you had a makeup artist right there.

Designed for YOU, easy to follow, safe and user friendly. 

A pre recorded video for you to follow on the day as well as use to practice in the run up to give you the guidance and the confidence to pull of your dream look on the day.

How does it work?

We start off by having a video chat. I want to get to know you and for you to get to know me. We need to talk through a LOT of things. Firstly, your skin. Your makeup will look and perform a LOT better when your skin is at it's best. I will talk you through a simple routine and your on the day prep. 

We need to discus your looks so I encourage you to share your dream looks with me. I can help you clarify what will and of course, what won't work. I will ask a LOT of questions about this look. What you love about it, what you don't think will work. We can pull toether a few looks and merge them. When I have a clear idea of how to make this look work for you, I will pull together the products and record you your very own step by step video to follow. 

The Look

Not sure what look would work on you? That's fine. Send me photos of you in your usual makeup as well as your inspiration photos and I can pull together some ideas.

Don't wear much makeup and are worried about looking caked/heavy? I get it. But I won't lead you down that path. You can still look fresh and defined without heaviness.

Want something more dramatic or glamorous?  I love creating looks that give a little bit 'more' without feeling too much.

Worried my style isn't your style? That's fine. I don't really have one 'style'. My style is what you want! It's my job to create YOUR dream makeup look for you, not mine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q; What do I get over all?

A: You get a full 45 minute video consultation with me, a summary email of what we discussed. A WhatsApp group to exchange inspiration photos, product photos and ask questions and a full Step by Step with detailed instructions video for you to watch and copy.

Q: Is this a live lesson on the day?

A: This is a pre recorded lesson so you can stop, rewind, pause, zoom in etc. You will get this prior to the big day so you can practice!

Q: Are there set looks we have to choose from?

A: No! This is about as bespoke as it gets. I will demonstrate the look on myself tailoring my advice to suit YOUR face. My face may be a difference shape/colour to yours but my advice will be tailored to YOU.

Q: What if I can't manage one or more of the techniques you demonstrate?

A: I will endeavour to keep the look as simple as possible if you are very unsure. I urge you to practice and follow my instructions for as long as possible to really get to grips with it. If you conclude that you simply CANNOT then I will video an alternative technique. After that initial additional video I will charge £45 to re record the video, limited to one re record.

Q: Is this refundable?

A: Due to the low cost service I am not able to refund you.

Your Investment

To secure your Virtual Makeup Artist your investment is £200/$250/€225