Get Your Bi-Tuesday Dose of Vitamin P!

I was teaching a weekend intensive for men while seeking inspiration for my newsletter, 

It came in our final circle of appreciation, when a participant told me "you're like a human vitamin." Everyone laughed the way you laugh at something that is delightfully true.

And I've heard it before! My friend Mike Mantell regularly calls me "Vitamin P"

So I'm claiming it, owning it, and dosing all willing patients with a dose of Vitamin P in the form of an email that summarizes my most-engaged-with Facebook posts from the previous 1-2 weeks.

The content of my posts waxes and wanes with the seasons, so stay tuned for the shifting tides of inspiration. These days I've been writing a lot about men's work, conscious business and leadership, diversity issues, and LIFE.

Sign up if this resonates with you, or don't if it doesn't! Because life is too short for a cluttered inbox.

If you do choose to tune in, THANK YOU. And remember, 9 out of 10 doctors would agree that your life would be better + brighter with regular doses of vitamin P!