The Temple Arts

Awareness - Intimacy - Embodiment 

by VenusSX

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The Temple Arts is a safe educational space where we un-learn what we inherited, we break taboo and conditioning and share together with zero shame. 

Let me guess...

You're craving excitement, fantasy or even exploration but you've got no one to play with?

You're feeling a lot of shame, ignorance or blame and having none to bad sex?

Perhaps you're just not being heard and understood?

Or, you're having blocks thats stopping you from living a truly pleasurable life?

Want to..

Become your own self-authority and reclaim your sacred body?

Unlearn what you have unconsciously inherited that's blocking your expression?

Activate your imagination and discover your innermost desires and fantasies?

Learn to be fully present during intimacy?

Create a life of abundant joy, fulfilment and pleasure?

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Temple Arts promotes all of this and more, providing pathways to freedom from cultural conditioning through taboo-free events, workshops, performance art and private VR consultations.

Gain knowledge and communication tools to have the difficult conversations that are the bonding glue in a relationship. 

I empower you to be sexually confident & have self-authority so that you can be your natural self. 

I teach a somatic approach to facing guilt and shame and learning how to love your authentic erotic expression.

I help you create intimate fluidity, authentic joy in being you, excitement, fun, passion and lust → fulfillment in life!

Are you in?

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