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Fanny Myth

Personal Brand Coach

"I love this ebook! Kalina knows her craft and has shared social media strategies that every business owner should have up their sleeve in order to grow their personal brand."

Shira Schlinsky

Co-founder at POD

"I really love how much value is packed into this ebook. It gives you actionable tips to start implementing immediately after reading. I can't wait to hear about the opportunities it is going to generate."

Mariya Marinova

Filmmaker & Owner of digitraum.ch

"As a young female entrepreneur I’m always trying to grow my business and find the best digital marketing tools. Having a digital strategy that actually works is so valuable. Thank you, Kalina, for this amazing product!"

About the author

Kalina Allen

Kalina Allen

Hey lovely, I'm Kalina and I help women in business like yourself grow their personal brand through custom social media strategies. I have put my heart and soul into writing this e-book, as well as all the long hours of research, hard work and personal experience that stand behind it. I'm confident you will find great value in its content and I hope it helps you on your entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy reading! Love, Kalina x