Learn how mindset and flow psychology can get you great results with minimal effort. 

Practical Learning

Plenty of exercises to help you get laser focussed on where you're going. You can even colour in the line drawings to help create a positive, mindful headspace.


Includes step by step guides for easy pricing, marketing, selling and client delivery, as well as what to do when things go wrong.

What's inside? 


Why I wrote 'Minted'...

..and how to get the best from your book. 

Ch. 1

Your story so far

Understand how your unique set of beliefs have got you to where you are now, and where to begin working on any unhelpful patterns.

Ch. 2

Being clear on your vision

How to get laser focussed on what you want, and see new opportunities to help you reach your goals. 

Ch. 3

Stepping into your power

Why mindset is the key to your success, and how to get into 'flow'. 

Ch. 4

Planning a practice that works for you

Here we start on the practical side and it's all in the planning! We explore how to design a practice that weaves beautifully into the rest of your life. 

Ch. 5

How to serve your lovely clients

You and your clients can be a match made in heaven!  In here are ways to work with clients from any background and income bracket. We also look at working with groups as well as individuals. 

Ch. 6

The marketing 

It's time to look at pain-free ways of marketing.  In this chapter we build on what you've learned so far, looking at how you can connect with your ideal clients on an emotional level so they feel comfortable working with you. 

Ch. 7

Selling and serving

In this chapter we make selling as easy as offering a cup of tea.  We explore how to sell to groups and individuals, and spotting the difference between their wants and needs. 

Ch. 8

How to take care of yourself

Your practice is nothing without you, so in this chapter we look at ways to  survive the tougher times and stay on top of your game. 

Ch. 9

When things go wrong....

...because they inevitably will sometimes. We cover family emergencies, global disasters, new client shortages, complaint handling and much more in here. 

Ch. 10


How to futureproof your business and take it to the next level. 

And finally

And finally / if I can do it

The grand finale! Plus my own story which explains why if I can do it, you can too.