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Tapping will soothe away the stress of a busy day, reduce your worry about the future or any thing else that's bothering you.


19:30-20:30 GMT


Calm racing thoughts

Reduce anxiety

Release difficult emotions

Gain clarity and control

Relax ready for a good nights sleep

Elizabeth Reynolds


A huge feeling of relief after tapping and a surge of happiness.

Natalie Martin


Tapping today has given me a balanced perspective of my issue, and that despite my case being unchangeable, my attitude and actions around this are something I can change. I feel energised and positive and have a realistic plan moving forward.

Thank you


St Ives

Immediately after the session I felt like a weight had been lifted and I felt empowered!  In the days after I noticed I felt calmer and things which might have made me feel anxious before didn't make me as anxious now.