Stress Busters- Health Anxiety


Learn how to Calm and Reset your Nervous system whenever you need to

Perfect if you've never done Tapping before 

EVERY weekday

10:30 am BST

Many of us are struggling to some degree over the situation with coronavirus.

If you have a pre-existing anxiety condition such as health anxiety this can be particularly difficult to manage. For such individuals the whole situation may feel extra daunting and worrying.

You may be worried about the health of someone close to you, or perhaps financial worry is running through your mind.

It has clearly created a lot of uncertainty and it’s understandable that some people may feel overwhelmed – imagining the worst case scenario.

Tapping will soothe away the stress of a busy day, reduce your worry about the future or any thing else that's bothering you.


Calm racing thoughts

Reduce anxiety

Release difficult emotions

Gain clarity and control

Relax ready for a good nights sleep


Tapping can be very powerful. As I’m not there with you, you must take full responsibility for your physical, mental and emotional health if you choose to take part in this session, whether tapping or just listening in.

As with all practices, whether complementary or normal medical/psychological, results can never be guaranteed.

Nothing in this workshop replaces medical advice. Your primary caregiver is your GP or medical professional.

By signing up to the free workshop, you agree with this disclaimer.

Elizabeth Reynolds


A huge feeling of relief after tapping and a surge of happiness.

Natalie Martin


Tapping today has given me a balanced perspective of my issue, and that despite my case being unchangeable, my attitude and actions around this are something I can change. I feel energised and positive and have a realistic plan moving forward.

Thank you


St Ives

Immediately after the session I felt like a weight had been lifted and I felt empowered!  In the days after I noticed I felt calmer and things which might have made me feel anxious before didn't make me as anxious now.