Questions & Answers.

Q: Someone contacted me about an open Vendor Spot is it legit?

A: Brittany Farnach-Brockway is the Vendor Coordinator. Her e-mail is blfbrockway@gmail (Sometimes she makes mistakes- not often! - Totally Kidding! And her responses will come from her work e-mail, She also is VERY responsive on her Facebook messenger @Brittany Farnach-Brockway. Ryan Hawley is the onsite coordinator- If it is NOT one of them - it is a scam! Do NOT submit money to anyone or any other platform besides this one. Paypal should read

Q: How much is it to be a Vendor?

A: You will need to look at each application, each show will vary depending on what type of Vendor you are and what size location you are requesting.

Q: Once I have submitted my application and payment When will I know If I have been approved to be a Vendor at Sylvan Beach?

A: Once you have filled out the application you will automatically receive a Thank You notice from Jotform letting you know you do not need to take further action.

You will be notified that you are approved or denied via e-mail. (BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM/CLUTTER/JUNK Folders. The email will come from Jotform/ Village Board Meetings are held MONTHLY, you must be approved by BOTH SVBRA and the Village of Sylvan Beach- please be patient! We will get you approved as soon as possible!

Q: If I am NOT approved will I receive a refund?

A: Yes, you will receive a refund if you are not approved. Do not apply if you are selling Alcohol, CBD products, or are a Food Vendor that sells more than "Carnival/Fair" like foods. Ex: Kettle Corn, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Potato Twisters.

Q: Do you accept more than One Direct Sales Company at your event?

A: No, we do not accept more than one Consultant from any Direct Sales Company. Ex: You will not see two Scentsy Consultants at any of our Shows.

Q: Is the Price listed for both days?

A: Yes, the price listed is for both days.

Q: Do I have to participate both day?

A: We prefer you to participate both days, but understand if you can't. The price remains the same either way. You will need to note on the application if you are unable to make both days.

Q: Do you accept all types of Food Vendors?

A: No, we only accept "Carnival/Fair Like Food Vendors" Ex: Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Kettle Corn, Potato Twisters. The goal will never be to compete with the great local establishments we have in town- just to make great additions to our shows!

Q: Can I sell items with CBD in them?

A: No, you can not sell items with CBD in them on the Village Green, at this time we are only hosting shows in 2023 on The Village Green.

Q: Who will get the Vendor spot if two people apply that are selling the same things?

A: The first applicant with a completed application and payment will get the spot-No Exceptions to the rule! No favorites!

Note: If you participated in our 2022 Vendor Shows- anyone who signed up for emails will get notified prior to the release to the public.

Q: Where are Vendor Shows Located?

A: Main St. Sylvan Beach (Use 404 Main ST. Sylvan Beach, NY 13157) The Location Of The "Village Green" is directly across the Street from Pizza King- with the exception of Vettes At The Beach. This show is in TWO locations. "Village Green" and "Memorial Park", which is North of Eddie's on Main St. (Across from Stylez with Smilez)

Q: How will I know where to go when I arrive?

A: You will meet with one of the event coordinators below. Next to the Water Fountain, on the Village Green. (Use 404 Main ST. Sylvan Beach, NY 13157 as your address- directly across the street from Pizza King.) they will give you your Vendor Location & Parking Pass **See 2023 Parking Pass Changes.  Your Vendor Location and informational packet will arrive within the week of the show.

Q: Who is the Vendor Coordinator?

A: Brittany Farnach-Brockway, a board member on SVBRA- What is her role? She will be doing all of the paperwork and logistics of the shows, she will be working closely will both The Village and SVBRA to get you approved and ensure the Shows are well advertised. (She is not a weather goddess! She has no control over if it rains, snows, or anything else of that nature!) she will do her very best to ensure you have the best outcome possible. She will also be on-site for some of the shows to assist Ryan. This is Ryan's second year with SVBRA.

Q: Will anyone be on-site the day of the show?

A: Ryan Hawley, a board member on SVBRA- What is her role? As mentioned above- it is Ryan's first second year with SVBRA. Ryan will be on-site the morning of the shows to give vendor locations, parking passes, answer questions (and when she can't answer a question she will reach out to someone who can) monitor to ensure all vehicles have been moved to proper locations, sell raffle tickets to benefit SVBRA, and to ensure all runs smoothly. If you have questions on the day of the show- Ryan is who you will want to speak to.

Please understand Vendor locations are decided on by the Vendor Coordinator(s)- Please do not attempt to change your location on the day of the show- Vendor locations are based on what is best for the show!

If you have a request to be next to a friend- kindly send that in with your application. We will do our very best!

Q: Can I pull onto the Village Green to unload my belongings?

A: Yes, you may pull onto the Village Green to unload your belongings, once finished unloading you must REMOVE your vehicles from the grass in a timely manner, No Vehicles can be on the green within 1/2 hour of the show start time.

Be courteous of other Vendors next to you. No Vehicles are allowed to be left on the Village Green during shows. If you need to keep a vehicle on the green during the show this is considered Vendor Space, and you must put that on your Vendor Application.

Memorial Park- North Side of Eddie's, You CANNOT pull onto the Grass for this location but all Vendor Locations are Easy Set-Up and Close to Unload.

Memorial Park: This Location is used for Corvette Show Weekend ONLY.

Q: Do I need to bring my own tent, tables, chairs, canopies, extension cords?

A: Yes, Vendors are responsible for all apparatus they deem necessary for booth set up (table, chairs, canopy, etc.) If a booth with an electric hook-up is utilized, the vendor is responsible for providing their own extension cords. All cords must be UL approved and in good working condition- We recommend bringing at least 50-75ft.

Q: Do I need to stake my tent to the ground?

A: Yes, you will not be able to use your tent if it is not staked to the ground. We recommend not only using stakes but using weights and/or sandbags. We do not have these on-site and will not allow a tent that is not staked to the ground. The wind at times comes quick- we are next to be a beach! :) YOU NEED TO BE SURE TO REMOVE THE STAKES AFTER THE SHOW. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT** THE VILLAGE GREEN IS MOWED AND IT WILL RUIN THE LAWN MOWER.

Q: Where do I park once I am done unloading?

A: Sunset Park-  The Village Parking lot in the back of the roller coaster. You Must Display your Parking Pass on the windshield if you do not do so you will get a ticket! Do not park on Main St. or in the parking spaces in front of the Lake House these parking spaces are where your customers are going to park to come and see you. Don't take the spaces away from them!  also you can park at Carello's Corner. NOTE: CORVETTE SHOW FREE PARKING PASS IS NOT VALID AT SUNSET PARK FOR CORVETTE SHOW WEEKEND, UNLESS YOU HAVE A FUN IN THE SUN PARKNG PASS (VILLAGE CLERK) OR YOU PAID FOR THE DAY IN THE PARKING METER- YOU WILL GET TICKETED.

The Village has "Overflow Lot" down by Circle Kay- This is a bit of a walk but it is available.

Sunset Parking Lot:

CORVETTE SHOW SUNDAY PARKING- We ask that you use CARELLO'S Parking Lot.  Carello's Corner Lot is located by the Traffic Light.  The Village Parking Overflow Lot located in the back of Circle Kay - Do Not Park IN Circle Kay's Parking Lot- you will be towed! There are a few parking spots in the back of Adirondack Back that are available on SUNDAY ONLY! when the bank is closed- DO NOT block the ATM. Your Parking Passes are NOT VALID AT SUNSET PARKING LOT ON SUNDAY OF THE CORVETTE SHOW YOU WILL GET A TICKET!

Please do not make Brittany/Ryan have to ask you to move your vehicle-, they want what is best for all of the vendors- and that is easy access for customers to get to each one of you.

Carello's Corner Parking Lot:

Q: I have a handicapped parking pass- Can I park closer?

A: Yes, you may park in any Village parking spot as long as you display BOTH the handicap sticker and the Village issued Vendor Parking Pass. This is still in effect for all shows INCLUDING the Corvette Show.

Q: I am bringing two Vehicles- Can I get two Village Issued parking passes?

A: No, The Village issues ONE free parking pass per vendor. You must pay for parking for your second vehicle. You can pay hourly or daily- or you can purchase a FUN IN THE SUN Pass from the village clerk. 

Q: What happens if I don't move my vehicle to the designated parking area for Vendors?

A: If you do not pay for parking and only have the given Vendor Parking Pass from the Village You will receive a parking ticket from The Village of Sylvan Beach if you are not parked at the designated Parking lot.

Q: Can I purchase a Parking Pass from The Village? Where can I park if I have Village Parking Pass?

A: Yes, A seasonal Parking pass is $30. (Subject to change) You can get one by contacting the Village Clerk during business hours.

Business Hours for the Village Clerk (Wanda) are Monday-Friday 8 am - 4 pm. She is located at: 808 Marina Drive. Phone: (315)-762-4844. You may park in ANY-Village lot or Village Street and will not have to move your vehicle to the designated parking lot if you obtain a Village Parking Pass. This is for all shows including the Corvette Show.

The parking pass / discounted parking pass is recommended for EVERYONE. 

Q: Can I pack up early and leave the show?

A: No, unless you have an emergency situation and have discussed it with the on-site coordinator. If you do so without talking to the on-site coordinator you will not be asked to come back to our shows. These are advertised shows and we expect that you stay for the duration of the show.

Q: Can I stay open later than the time the show is supposed to end?

A: No, Unless the On-site Coordinator has given specific permission you are not allowed to stay open later than the designated show time end. At no time are sales allowed to go past 11 pm.

Q: Can I leave my tent set up overnight? You are welcome to leave your tent, table, belongings overnight?

We are attempting to acquire one security guard from the hours of 9:30 pm-5:30 am. (This is NOT guaranteed for each show) This will ONLY be for Saturday night for each show. If you choose to leave items overnight- you are doing so AT YOUR OWN RISK. With or without a security guard on-premise. We suggest that you have sides on your tent to enclose any items you choose to leave.

Note: Sylvan Beach is known for "Sylvan Beach Bugs and May Flies" in the summer months you may want to bring a small broom and cloth in the morning for easy clean-up.

We will NOT have a security guard for the Fall Festival.(If this event happens)

Q: What happens if I sell items that are not listed on my application?

A: You will be asked to pack up and leave the show- with no refund. Please be sure to write down all items you will be selling. (The Village is very strict on items sold within the park- please do not attempt to sneak something in that is not listed or attempt to sell raffle tickets of any sort!)

Q: Where are the Restrooms located?

A: The Village of Sylvan Beach provides two Restrooms. (Sunset Park)

Sunset Park Bathhouse:

Carello's Corner Restroom (Next to the Traffic Light)

You will also find Porta-Potties located throughout the Village. The brown ones are controlled by us (SVBRA)- we open one per each set for the day. Why? So on Sunday we have FRESH restrooms. Need more TP? Ask Ryan! She will be glad to assist.

Do not ask local establishments to use the Restrooms UNLESS you are making a purchase from them.

Q: I'm from out of town- where can I find out more information about the Village?






Q: I still have questions that aren't answered on this form who should I contact?

A: Before the Show-Event Coordinator: Brittany Farnach-Brockway.

Day of the Show-On-Site Coordinator: Ryan Hawley


Collecting and submitting taxes is the responsibility of the Vendor- More Info available here.


Q: I want to participate in more upcoming Shows do I need to fill out another form?

A: Yes, you will need to fill out a form for each show, the second question of the form will ask you if you are an approved Vendor for the season, if you have an approval email be sure to check yes if you have not yet received an approval e-mail be sure to check no.

Q: I am extremely satisfied/dissatisfied with my vendor experience who can I contact?

A: The President of SVBRA, Patrick Goodenow: