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Pop-up Group Experience


is when we start!

Are you a copywriter, VA, coach, project manager, OBM, website designer, website developer, or graphic designer?

Do you have room for 1-3 more private clients in the next 30 days?

But sales in January felt HARD, IMPOSSIBLE & you don't know how to change that?

Yes? Then this pop-up Facebook group is for you.

Hey girl hey!

I'm Ann.

I'll be your hostess for this pop-up Facebook group & I can't wait to get started on February 17th!

I'm the biz + sales coach for ambitious female sidehustlers who are READY to become their own boss...but struggle with one -ahem- minor detail.

Booking clients.

Booking clients feels hardinconsistent, & it's starting to mess with your head.

"Maybe I wasn't meant to be my own business owner."

"I feel like the Biz Bestie while everyone else gets paid."

Sound familiar?

Well, it's time to change that, Honeybun.

Inside this group, Ann Bellow (biz + sales coach for the ambitious female sidehustler) will be walking you through the four BIGGEST questions she receives from private clients. (And what creates the biggest shifts in their businesses!)

Call #1

"How do I have a steady stream of private, high-ticket clients?"

Answer: With a Simple As Cuss Sales Process. No email list. No funnels. NO FREEBIES.

Ann will walk you through her 4 step sales process that goes from frigid lead to client. She will also talk about the piece that you FREE content is missing to keep leads consistently coming!

Live video February 18th at 11am CST

Call #2

"I just need clarity on the actions I should be taking NOW so that I CAN be my own boss this year."

Answer: The Money Making Action that WILL bring in consistent sales. (No, it's not live video OR stories!)

Ann will be walking you through the ONE action you need to prioritize most days a week (if not every day) when you are booking out your private services for consistent income. 

No, it is not content generation. 

No, it is not video.

It is so basic that you are going to #facepalm when you hear it.

Live video February 20th at 5:30pm CST

Call #3

"How do I get out of feast-FAMINE in my business & start having some dang consistent income??"

Answer: By mapping out your income AND knowing the 4 reasons your goal will fail. (People always forget number 3 when setting goals!)

Ann will walk you through the process of mapping your income so that you always know what you need to be promoting to create consistent income. Plus, we will discuss the 4 reasons your income goals will FAIL & how it is very simple to fool-proof your income goal. (No more scrambling. No more floundering. No more sleazy sales.)

Live video February 25th at 11:00am CST

Call #4

"I want to offer free calls, but how does anyone convert on those?"

Answer: How EXACTLY to convert on a free call & practicing the top three common Sales Stalls. (So you show up as a cussin' C-E-O!)

Ann will walk you through how to convert on a free call/webinar/live video/Facebook group/post/content/every piece of content that you are creating. Then, we will practice your response for the top three common Sales Stalls:

1. "I need a client before investing",

2. "I need to talk to my husband/parent/banker/cat",

3. "I'm already under contract with someone else".

Live video February 27th at 5:30pm CST

(All videos will be available for replay in the group until March 1st when the group closes.)

P.S. Top 2 engaged members will be able to win a FREE 60-min Breakthrough Session with me! 😱

This pop-up group will ONLY be open from now through February 29th, 2020! So, buckle up, Buttercup, cause this is going to be a fast-paced pop-up that you are not going to want to miss!

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