What is it?

Two strangers. 

45 minutes. 

10 questions, curated by Bethan Winn and Alex Bakowski, designed to encourage meaningful conversation and social connection. 

The questions were delivered on the stems of flowers, to encourage a playful, interactive approach, and to fit 

"The Flower District" Town Team theme.  


Communities are central to the human experience.

They help us feel happier; foster belonging and purpose; improve mental health and longevity, and facilitate sharing resources and skills.

What happened?

Featured on 6PR, The Post Newspapers, The Flower District West Leederville, and Town Team Movement. 

For enquiries about the project, speaking about it to a group or facilitating meaningful connecting in your organisation, please contact hello@bethanwinn.com or connect with Bethan Winn and Alex Bakowski on LinkedIn. Thanks!