we are in

Uncertain Times

Once we are through this, who knows what awaits? There's talk of a deep recession for years to come caused by the pandemic.

And now, we're already in a huge cost of living crisis which is only going to become more severe before we can hope for any improvement.

What's your plan?  Do you have a plan? 

For many years, smart people have looked to develop multiple income streams.  There really has never been a better time to consider this and have that side hustle, another income to help you and your family provide either a safety net or simply the better things in life.

Could this be Your Plan B?

"If it's not this, what's it going to be?"

get rewarded for

Helping Friends

save money on their essential household services, helping them find a smarter way of buying those services that we all have to buy.

View the video introduction to see how you can help others - and get rewarded with up to £400 for each person you introduce.

whilst, at the same time,

Build a Residual Income

You will also receive an ongoing monthly residual income, commencing a few months following the customer sign-up, for each and every customer introduced. This is rather special, if you're not sure you understand Residual Income then you owe it to yourself to find out more. Go on, Google it! Then get in touch.

the Best of Both Worlds

Can it Really Be?

Yes!  We'll show you how to generate an immediate reward whilst also building an amazing residual income that will provide for you and your family for years to come.  Be a smart cat.

Scroll down to see many more testimonials, all from existing partners who are changing their lives.

Who do you Know?

Pour a coffee and sit back, let's take a virtual stroll through these inspiring short videos.  Learn how this business can help people from all walks of life.  Do any of these apply to you - or to friends or family members who could join you on your journey?

at every step of the way

Training & Support

  • You'll receive all the training you will need, both initial training and further training made available as your business develops.
  • You will have your own fully managed web sites and newly developed tools to enable you to work completely from home.
  • Your mentor, who will not only take you through the all-important early days, will always be available for long term support.
  • Plus a dedicated team at head office, as well as other partners who all take an interest in your success.


Risk Free Registration

There is a very modest Registration Fee to join - JUST £10.  And even this is covered by a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.  If, following your training, you feel this is not for you then you can receive a 100% refund.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

The next step is down to


We are looking for Smart, Motivated and Ambitious individuals and couples who wish to pursue something more than just a means of Making Extra Money.

We are particularly seeking those who can, with our help, quickly grow and become Team Leaders within our group.

Could this be you?

Use the links to explore further or, if you prefer, then call us - TODAY! 

About Us

Yvonne and John are Authorised Partners of Utility Warehouse and have been since 2004. Together with this FTSE-250 British company, they have been helping both households and SMEs better understand and organise many of their routine monthly bills, saving significant sums every month.

They now take great satisfaction from helping new Partners joining the business, mentoring and coaching where appropriate, encouraging others to build for their future.

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