What readers are saying about this ebook

Samantha S.

I didn't know how to take my idea and make it into a reality. The Braless Visionary helped me take my passion and start a small business.  

Working with Mary helped me identify my "unicorn factor" and move forward with my dreams. 

Freia G.

I'm an introvert and my retail job always took the most out of me, leaving me no time or patience for my children. Now, I am pursuing my dream of creating crochet patterns. I haven't made a million dollars yet, but I am well on my way to becoming happy and settled.  

Stephanie M.

This planner is brilliant! It has helped me take my vague concept and drill down into what I needed to do next to get started. Blogging about fashion has always been my dream. Now, I am living my dream!

About the author

Mary Herrington

Mary has worked in a variety of different industries: financial, retail, baking and coaching. The one common thread is that she helps others determine where their unique ability lies and helps turn that into their income stream. 

Mary is a best selling author and award winning blogger. Her insights, quit wit and honest assessments of situations are not for all people. If you like deep thinking, hearing the truth and finding solutions behind the resistance, then Mary can help you get there.

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