5 Day Wake Up Early Challenge

Find more energy, joy, and peace for the day ahead with your little ones.

Are You Tired Of Feeling:


Distant From God?

Guilty For Wanting Time alone?

Lost in motherhood?

Like there is never enough time in the day?


Take The First Step To Transforming Your Life

Turn Yourself Into A Morning Person

About Me

Kelsey Cummins

If you are like me, then being a stay at home mom has, at times, felt monotonous, lonely, and totally depleting. And those feelings don't make me the mom I want to be for my boys! But I've learned over the past few years that building the discipline of waking up before my kids had the power to dramatically change how I felt about my day. Starting the day off alone, in the quiet of the house gave me more energy, joy, and peace -- I was a better mom to my boys. I want to help you do the same. Join me, friend!

It's Time To Make The Choice To Do Something Different

Get Practical Tips And Tricks

to actually get yourself out of bed in the morning and have some time to refresh and re-energize before the kids wake up.

Gain An Accountability Partner and Friend

who will encourage you and walk alongside you, not only during the next five days, but who will be here for you long after the five days are up (that's me!)

Regain A Sense of Purpose

and get motivated and energized to pour your life out to those you love most. Because when you have been filled, you can pour out more to those around you. 

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