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Wall of Fire

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Across the Wall of Fire lies salvation, if it doesn't destroy her first—

Sheltered inside electromagnetic dome cities, the fortunate survivors of a ravaging pandemic have rebuilt society, pulling humanity back from the brink of extinction.

But when Emery's beloved brother, Whyle, falls victim to a strange and deadly disease, she risks everything to save him, illegally crossing the Wall of Fire that divides their city in search of the medicine that will save his life.

Soon she meets Eason, a boy she’s secretly loved forever and never dreamed she’d see again. Suddenly, everything she thought she knew is thrown into question, and trusting the wrong person could mean the difference between life and death—not only for her brother, but for everyone Emery has ever known.

Could the one thing that was meant to protect her actually be her biggest threat?

Wall of Fire is the first book in the gripping, young adult, dystopian Wall of Fire series by Melanie Tays.
If you liked books like Hunger Games, Divergent, The Selection, or Maze Runner, you'll love Wall of Fire.