by Kamila Stankiewicz

Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

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I always searched for a traditional , watercolor feel in a digital painting process. I used various software and brushes sets.  I thinkt it is the highest time to make watercolor brushes which will satisfy my expectations. 

And I will do my best to force them to satisfy yours!


A little sneak peek of what they can do:

Watercolor effets

... spreading paint, diluted strokes, darker edges of a paint 

This is what makes watercolor look like watercolors!

Water + color

...diluted, spreading, transparent and opaque, with watercolor paper textures or grainy, dry and wet. These are a few examples. 

You will find there so much more: pencil and inks, watercolors and gouache, alcohol marker and salt effects, splashes, texture brushes, shiny dusts... all brushes you need to make a watercolor looking artwork from sketch to finishing touches!

Follow or break the rules

There are several rules while painting with watercolors. The paint is transparent, so colors are layered. A lot of my brushes works similar. If you will try to recreate a traditional process, there is a great chance to recreate a traditional, watercolor-ish look.

But breaking the rules, experimenting is also a great fun!