During our free 5-day Living Abundance retreat you will

Transform Money Blocks

Release the money blocks that keep you playing small and hiding your gifts

Master Money Manifestation

Become a heart-led money magnet whose very presence changes the world

Embody Your Wealth Frequency

Own your value,  claim your power, create from wealth

Unleash Your Abundant Power

Tap into your magnetic, attractive, transformational power that effectively creates in your business and bank account 

Build your Business  from Aligned Action

Discover the bold, focused action that will move your business forward in a successful and sustainable way

June 13th-17th

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Master a Step by Step Process to make consistent 10k+ months aligned with your purpose and create the business of your dreams

This retreat is for 6-7 figure business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are:

✅ sick and tired of playing small, over-giving, overworking, holding back and are ready to grow their business in a successful, soulful and sustainable way

✅ ready to live 100% aligned with their purpose, power and prosperity

✅ ready to support many create groundbreaking results

This is a retreat you'll look back on and say 'this was the week my life and business transformed.'

"Ever since doing Lara’s £5-10K activation session, I have been manifesting £5K a month!"

Naomi Taylor Actress

“The WEALTH retreat was incredible! I manifested over $8k in 3 days just doing Lara’s activations. This is a feminine, energetically aligned approach to money and mindset, delivered from a real place of heart.”

Leesa Whisker Founder Style Empowerment Coach

"I have come out of the W.E.A.L.T.H. Retreat ready to take aligned action, full of confidence and direction that wasn’t there before. I have downloaded exactly what has to happen next in my career. This retreat created a vessel for higher energies that are ready to be born through my business. Thank you Lara for being the midwife to my business." 

Georgina Sayce - Psychotherapist

"These simple steps are so powerful and have had a transformational impact on how I see things and what I do." 

Joo-Lee Stock Founder, Lindy Jazz

“Thank you, Lara for this amazing and beautiful space you held and created and the wonderful work you are doing and thank you to all the amazing women in this space”

Karin Huber Entrepreneur

“I had a great experience on the W.E.A.L.T.H. Retreat. It was lovely to make time to deeply connect daily and allow shifts to happen. I had many wonderful downloads in that time and following the event my business accelerated. It was a boost and confirmation of the direction I was and am moving in with my business” 

Dr. Yvette Ankrah MBE

My passion is supporting the great Leaders of this world make the impact they were born to make while also thriving both professionally and personally.

It is my purpose to help you realise your full potential and create a business and life of true abundance.