Unwind with CENTRED

Our guide for reducing stress.


In this guide we share our top tips and experiences for reducing stress, finding balance and becoming more CENTRED.

We know modern life is busy. There is more expected of us than ever before. From work demands to social media pressure for 'having the perfect lifestyle', and just not enough hours in the day!

This is however, only a matter of perspective. Ultimately it depends on how we choose to live our lives. Are we being careless with how we spend our energy and are the choices we make detrimental to our health?

In this guide we share some of our favourite ways to unwind. For encouraging general wellbeing and how self care can become an anchor for staying healthy and present in chaotic world.

And with stress not only contributing to thinning hair and poor hair health, but also being one of the leading causes of disease globally, theres every reason to take control of it and finding more balance in our lives today.


Self Care

We want to emphasise the importance of self care in promoting wellbeing. Setting the intention of taking care of ourselves is a great step towards finding balance in our everyday lives. Start by setting aside time each day to practice self care, whatever that means to you.

Our favourite way to relax

Running a bath

Mind Exercise


Meditating regularly can be really helpful for reducing stress and allowing the mind to rest and focus on what is truly important to us. Bellow are some great sources for Meditation practice wether you're a complete beginer or already practcing.


Ekhart Tolle

 Ekhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher. We highly recommend spending some time looking at his talks and teachings. There are hundreds of videos including meditation practices you can follow on YouTube . Check out his book, 'The Power Of Now'


Head Space

There are some great Apps you may have already heard of that are very useful for scheduling meditation practice in to our daily lives.

Head space is great for guided meditations that you can do anytime, anywhere.  


What is Mindfullness

Mindful.org is a great source for discovering more about meditation and mindfulness (presence)

Theres also lots of guided meditations and articles on a wide range of topics to do with mental health and wellbeing.



Yoga has huge stress busting benefits and is a great way to connect the mind and the body. Find a practice that works for you and remember all you really need is a bit of space and a matt. 

Here's a video explaining the science and benefits of Yoga, featuring Dr Bruce Lipton Author of 'Biology of Belief' and 'Spontanious Evolution'


Books Books books

Reading is such a great way to spend time, wether its fiction or self help books , pick one up  and get reading.

10 of our favourites - 

  1. Biology Of Belief - Dr Bruce Lipton
  2. How To Fail - Elizebeth Day 
  3. You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay
  4. Life Tonic - Jody Shield
  5. A New Earth - Ekhart Tolle
  6. Spontaneous Evolution - Dr Bruce Lipton
  7. The Secret - Rhonda Byrne
  8. Think And Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
  9. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
  10. The Power Of Now - Ekhart Tolle

We hope this is some help, there are lots more ways to reduce stress and remember we are here to help so please reach out if you want to ask us anything.


Through self care and wellbeing we start to make better choices for ourselves with our health as the main priority, this means we can start tom implemant positive change in our lives that will lead to a more balanced lifestyle. The benefits are well worth it, from our appearnce and mood to our hairs health and energy levels, not to mention the boost to our immune system.

'Great hair starts with self care'