Want a quick, fun and easy way to monitor the weather with your child?

Hi, I’m Tricia, mom to three and former kindergarten teacher!

I loved tracking the weather daily with my kindergarteners! It provided so much value through observation, data recording, and comparing and contrasting the data! Tracking weather allowed the little ones to really grasp the weather patterns!

I want to share this weather tracker with you, so you and your child can enjoy this quick, daily activity together!

  • Full Color Weather Tracker (Valued at $5)
  • Gray Scale Weather Tracker (Valued at $5)
  • Questions & Prompts (Valued at $3)

Total Value = $13

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What’s Included?

How to Use Page - This explains exactly how you are able to utilize this weather tracker with ease!

Full Color Weather Tracker - Use this bright and colorful tracker with your child!

Grayscale Weather Tracker - A great option for saving ink!

Questions & Prompts - Ask your child questions to reflect on the data recorded on the weather tracker!

Why do I need it?

You can use this tracker again and again with each month that passes so your child can grow to understand the weather patterns over the long-term!

Download the weather tracker today to get started!

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