online intensive workshop theory & practice

Weekend July 10th/ 11th 2021

This webinar is a scholarship provided by kunstbereit e. V. and asks only for 15 USD commitment fee.

Ready to dive deep into the big topic of feelings and emotions within a creation in development & reception?

We will apply scientistic knowledge on our work as creators and investigate the possibilities that results out of it. In addition to provided content and experiments this workshop counts on collegial exchange. There will be as well as frames to try out your own ideas practically with the group and frames for conversations and discussions.

You will learn

  • how feelings are created in our body and at what point they arise in our perception
  • the distinction between feelings & emotions (by Vivian Dittmar) and the difference for
    our use in creating

  • how to design feelings/ emotions according to an audience

We will investigate practically

  • how to turn feelings/ emotions in expressive movement
  • how to navigate feelings/ emotions through movement
  • how to navigate feelings/ emotions through other aspects (like atmosphere, music,
  • objects, signs, addressing and much more)

We will talk about

  • our individual perception and interpretation
  • the fact, that we can’t create specific feelings in our audience and what this means for our creation


Weekend May 29th/ 30th 2021
each from 9.00 -15.00 EST II 16.00-22 CEST II 15.00 -21 CET
(including several short breaks to breath and eat)

Your Investment

  • 15 $ / 12,34 € commitment fee
  • full commitment & motivation

Images provided by Samira Milutzki