Webinar: How can astrology help you find purpose?

Are you eager to stop blocking your self and create the life and business with purpose in 2019, but really need clarity?

In this 45-minute webinar, I will share the secrets on 
how to discover your purpose with astrology and what are the current energies urging us to do and how to maximize them to start living the life you want.

During the webinar, I'm going to share the secrets of how astrology helped me understand my life and purpose, and how I created a beautiful life and business on Bali, Indonesia.

The webinar will take place on zoom, 13th of May at 8 PM Bali Time UTC +8, and I will announce a special giveaway for those that attend at the end of the webinar.

To be eligible to receive it, you need to:

- sign up below
- show up during the live webinar
- comment on the thread

      ABOUT ME

      I'm Iva, and I'm a Purpose Coach and Astrologer who helps female entrepreneurs connect with their purpose, and manage their mental states to create the life they desire.

      My journey to coaching has started when I quit my job as a diplomat in 2011 and moved to Bali, where I live now.

      I have made that giant leap from safety, corporate and external success to explore my truth, my values and find my true gifts.

      During my 6 year adventure of living on Bali, Indonesia I found my purpose and self-care rituals and whole food diet.

      I help people get clarity on their purpose with NLP, astrology insights, and intuitive healing to serve the world with their gifts.

      I have studied evolutionary astrology for the past 10 years, NLP, Theta Healing, Reiki and transformational dance.

      Check out my blog to read more about my personal transformation.

      I am looking forward to sharing this with you,

      With love and light,


      Polly PT

      Energy healer

      My astrology session with Iva on life purpose was very informative. She was spot on identifying the details in many areas including my inner self, which was a good opportunity to reflect my own self. As I am starting a business, I was more concerned with whether what I have chosen to do is my life purpose and what would actually help me to pursue this. Iva was then able to point out the skills, talents and interests I was born with and suggested looking into those specific areas to help me find more clarity in direction for my business. Thanks Iva for sharing your gifted talent! 

      Kleine Achiles

      Financial Freedom Coach

      Iva's astrology reading was so detailed and accurate. Her reading gave me confidence and clarity in the direction of my coaching business. Iva also uncovered an aspect that I knew was missing from my coaching that I had suspected but had been avoiding. I felt at ease and empowered with Iva's reading, giving me a clearer picture of how my coaching business could really help others. I'm excited to move forward knowing a bit more about my purpose and feeling more confident in the direction of my own coaching.