WOW -the Website Organization Worksheet. Ready?

You can start planning your custom website today, the easy way!  Leave your email and we'll send you our #1 secret website weapon, the WOW.  This step-by-step form has everything you need to start planning your website for success. Get this free tool and start right away:



We use this worksheet to plan every single website we create.

This fillable PDF guides you through outlining all of the main sections and features of your new website.  

After you fill it out, you will have a clear and actionable understanding of the structure of your future website, and what you need to do next to get it made.

It has special links to a free D.I.Y. website tutorial, an email address you can send your form to if you want an estimate from a web design professional, and links to a VERY discounted domain/hosting plan from our favorite web host.

Art Resourcery is where we share our tools and knowledge to help other artists reach their potential and master the interwebs (for free).

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Happy website planning!

WOW's is being offered by

Arts Terminal

Art Resourcery is the charitable extension of Arts Terminal, a one-stop-creative production shop that builds gorgeous custom websites for creatives, brands, and businesses.

The W.O.W. was created to help us understand our clients' website needs, goals, and dreams so we can see the big picture before strategizing their custom websites.   There's no other tool quite like it.  We're offering it to the public for free because it's extremely useful.  Enjoy!