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Trainers, coaches, and consultants learn how to DIY your own website in a matter of hours so you can market & sell your services online. 

No more waiting. No more tech headaches. No more excuses.

We've got what you need

Building a website especially on WordPress when you have a limited to no budget can be extremely challenging. Let us show you how to quickly build your own website so you can get up and running today! There's no complicated tech or expensive programs that you need to have – just this training and you are all set! Bonus, get a jumpstart on your email marketing efforts too as we get you set up from the start with being able to collect email addresses – a key to selling directly to your audience online!

No additional upfront costs! 

Your business + website + email marketing + sharing = Getting paid = Upgrading later!

Get a Website

Let us show you how you can quickly and easily build your own website – using a drag and drop builder.

Save Time

We provide you with everything you need to quickly and easily get your website up and running today!

Collect Emails

As a bonus, we set you up with your very own email marketing system which will help you directly market to prospects.

Get Your Website Today!

We know how stressful going from offline to online can be

Everyone says get a website but websites can be complicated, expensive, and truthfully, the whole process is just overwhelming which is why we created this online training for service-based businesses like personal trainers, coaches and consultants.

We wanted to help those who just need something to START out with – something that gets them going so that they can bring in some money and later start investing in upgrades like a fancier website (if needed), branding or marketing.

After this training, you will walk away

A new website and be ready to capture email addresses which is important for long-term business growth.

In addition, we added a resource guide which will help you continue to grow your business here online – with tips on what to do next, which tools to use for booking clients, what resources are available to you, and where to start investing money back into your business once you get paying clients. 

Let's make today the day you create & publish your website!

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*Please note, this training is geared towards service-based business owners looking to get started with having a simple website here online. This training does not include a built-in online store however, you can link to one if needed. It does include a landing page website with plenty of additional options like adding a blog, Instagram posts, testimonials, email optin, and much more!

Your Instructor

Ed Troxell

Facebook Live Producer

Most people know Ed as the guy who makes tech “stupid easy!”

Ed loves teaching people how to start and grow an online business using the simplest tech solutions possible (like this website made easy training for online fitness instructors). 

Ed's specialty is not only breaking down the tech but also teaching small business owners how to use Facebook Live to easily market and sell their services online. Learn more about Ed