Learn the top 3 myths about weight loss

You are different!

You can't follow what everyone else is doing, and it never worked for you anyways, right?

The TRUTH about weight loss:

It is absolutely NOT about calories in vs calories out.

I have been seeing this everywhere and I can't stay silent about it any longer!

Please do not listen or take this 'eat less' mantra to heart, because this information is not 100% true.

Yes, it may work every once in a while, but for the majority of the time, it is just a "quick fix" and doesn't work long term.

I hear my patients say "I went to my primary because I couldn't lose weight but they just told me to eat less and workout more" or they were put on serious weight loss drugs that cause more issues than cured.

Sometimes calorie restriction works but for many people it does not.

Most people overlook their serious health issues and think they should focus on weight loss instead.

BUT their thyroid is shutting down, their gut health is horrible and the bloating and pain is out of control, and they are so tired and fatigued throughout the day there is no way they could ever lose weight.

Enough is enough. You have to get down to the root cause of your health, address those underlying issues FIRST before jumping on a diet or quick fix.

I have spent the past 20 years studying to understand health, wellness, nutrition, and functional medicine.⠀

I am a functional medicine physician with multiple certifications and spend hundreds of hours yearly to improve my education and stay on the cutting edge of research. ⠀

But here’s something I discovered on my own health journey and working with thousands of people.⠀

99% of 'health advice' and coaches do NOT deliver what you truly need.⠀Instead, they...⠀

❌Tell you to eat less and workout more

❌Ignore your blood work and testing

❌Assume everyone is the same and you should see results too 

(even when you don't, then it's just your fault)⠀

This is why I didn't get results in my own weight loss struggles and health issues.

I was focusing on the wrong thing and ignoring what would really make the difference.⠀

But what going through all of those challenges did do?

They taught me how NOT to create my program.⠀

I intentionally designed my weight loss webinar to be different from any others.
Over the course of this webinar we will…⠀

✔️Dig deep into why and how you want to lose weight

✔️Discover what is actually holding your body hostage

✔️Work WITH your body instead of against it

✔️Create personalized plans for you based off your testing

This is the program I wish I had when I was starting out.⠀

If you’re tired of investing in yourself but getting no results…⠀

If you want a proven system to get you to change your health and weight then I’d love to have you join us.