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Know exactly what to write in your welcome email

When visitors sign up to hear from you, they're at the peak of anticipation. Your welcome email influences your subscribers. The first messages can make a positive impression or completely fall flat. Engage them early, and they're more likely to read your future emails. 

Sometimes, we don’t know what to say, so we just default to the email service provider's script. But that's a risky move. We're going to sound like every other company who does the same. So we blend in. And new subscribers will ignore us.

If you want your new subscribers to open and read your emails, then start making your welcome email irresistible.

This resource guide will explain what successful businesses include in their welcome emails:

  • The two most powerful words you should include
  • The timing of the email matters
  • How you can establish a strong relationship by paying attention to the details
  • Some points your competitors may overlook