So that you don’t have to worry about paying your bills, buy things you want, contribute financially towards your household, have savings, buy more cake equipment or just want to prove to your loved ones that you are actually running a business, not a hobby.




Great News

Your Solution Is Here

You Can HAVE This 

Let me tell you something, you can be the best baker in Nigeria, but the baking industry is an overcrowded market and if you are not able to stand out. You will just be lost in the crowd and just continue to be a small business barely making enough money…





 An Online Course that teaches you how to be a master in the art of selling, pricing, marketing, branding and structuring your cake business.


 This Course includes a collection of Training Videos, Marketing Strategies and monthly challenges to help you build and grow your cake business to be more lucrative, so that you can easily get plenty of the right customers who want your cakes and make the kind of money you need for your life.


 The Wealthy Baker System

is an 8 week program that will teach you how to sell, market brand, structure, plan and price your cake business even if you don't know where to start from or you have been in business for a while and, and you are worried that you do not have any business knowledge.



The Wealthy Baker System is the online training for cake business owners who want to build and grow their own business – even if you have no business experience at all.


You will learn how to make money in your business so you can continue doing what they love.


IS THIS YOU?        

  • You have been in this business for a while but you have no business experience so you don’t know how to grow or structure your business so you can move on to the next level;


  • You feel you cannot make money in this business;


  • You are just frustrated that you are not making or hardly making money in your business;


  • You are discouraged because people keep saying the economy is bad that you can longer make money from cakes;


  • You are always afraid to quote your price to a potential customer;


  • Customers keep discounting and pricing your cakes down;


  • You hate marketing. In fact the word marketing makes you sweat;


  • You are busy, you are tired, you work from early morning to night, but your bank account is showing nothing.


  • Why am I not making money?





You Know What


 The key to success is not being the best baker in town; it’s knowing how to run a business.

 Believe me it’s much easier knowing how to pipe 100 perfect buttercream roses than it is to learn to run a business.


I used to feel exactly like that in my business. I used to think I was smart, quick thinking. I mean I was a lawyer, for goodness sake, but when I started my cake business. I used to doubt my abilities.

I didn’t think people would want to buy my cakes at the prices I quoted. I had no idea how to read a cash flow statement or balance sheet. 

I knew I wanted a change in my life. I was working a law firm where I was unhappy  and I wanted desperately to leave.

I was also a single mum of 2 young girls and wanted to give my children a better life.

Like you, cake decorating was my happy place. I’d finally found something I was good at! 

So how was I able to turn my business around so that I was making enough money to support my girls and I?

I went back to the basics. I took classes; i interned in other businesses, interviewed a lot of cake business owners and learnt the business of the cake industry.


At night, you dream of how your cake business will be. You want one day to have a shop or a number of shops; you want your products to be sold in supermarkets.

You want to be the No1 baker in your area. You want to come to a point you can afford to hire people so you don’t have to do everything yourself, you want to be able to travel and still come back to a business making money.

Learning to run the business side of things is essential if you want to: 

  • Be able to make real money from your baking business
  • Be able to understand the business side of your cake business
  • Be in control of things
  • To stop guessing on the price of your cakes
  • Take your business to the next level
  • Stop sweating every time you have to give a quote for your cakes
  • Make enough money so you can buy more cake equipment
  • Open your diary and see that you have a lot of orders
  • Have a plan on how you can expand your business
  • Be able to contribute more to your household
  • Finally being able to resign from your 9-5 job and be your own boss

If any of those sound like things you’d like to do, you need this Course ASAP

The Wealthy Baker System

was developed to help bakers having challenges in their cake business in terms of low sales and under-pricing by clients to getting more customer orders and sales and being able to price your cakes right for profit so you can achieve your business dreams with the added benefit of my own personal coaching every step of the way.

Here is what you’ll learn:·       

  • How to Find your unique selling point and stand out from the crowd)
  • How to market your cake business
  • How to Price Right for profit
  • Accounting for Cake Businesses
  • How to structure and grow your cake business

I have run a number of courses and have been teaching and coaching cake business skills to a lot of cake business owners so they will know what to do to make money in their business. 


Here’s what some of them have said about my previous courses and coaching:


Bunmi Wilbert

Chief Executive Officer Bumsweet Cakes And More

Thank you for the encouraging and motivating lectures. Short and to the point. Made my flyers and banners already for my target customers. Thanks a bunch. To think it’s just my first, my money certainly went to the right place. Will spread the gospel too.

Iza Ibok

You are a destiny helper!!!

Maryjane Ugwuegbulam

CEO of MerJ Cakes And Pastries

Thank you very much Ma for this E-courses, they are very educating , I have been on search for stuffs like this and am glad I met you.  I can't wait for the remaining Topics. God bless you real Good.
Am Maryjane, a baby baker

Caring Bake House

CEO at Caring Bake House


Hello Cake Lady,

It's been an exciting tour of starting a cake business with you. Thank you so much for all the guide. I love you Aunty Rotimicakelady. Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

Palace green Cakes

CEO at Palacegrren Cakes

Good evening, Thank you so much for taking out time to mentor us and teaching us practical steps to turn our hobby into a business. I have benefited so much from this 30day email especially in the area of pricing my cakes for profit and it's helping me. May God bless you.

Esther Nwokolo

CEO at Estasoven

Goodafternoon ma...trust you're good...I just want to a very Big Thanks for the post,ideas, breaking down of how to go about our business...God bless you massive, to tell you the truth, I look forward to reading your posts.God bless you once again


We all know running a business isn’t that easy – especially if you have to figure things out for yourself and there is not much resources out there to help you.


I created this Course specific for our cake business owners and bakers who operate in the Nigerian industry


Whether you're selling cake, cupcakes, pastries, desserts, popcorn, cookies, small chops, chin chin...the business knowledge you'll gain in this Course will give your business the action it needs to be lucrative.

Like you, I used to wonder why other cake businesses were getting orders and making money while if I get 2 customers in a whole month I will count myself lucky. I used to feel as though I was not smart enough, was not skilled or talented enough.

 What was missing?

It was later that I realised those successful cake makers knew something I didn’t and that is they knew how to run a business.

So You Need Business Education

Now I am sure you have realised that you need to learn the business side

If you’d like to save yourself all that time and money on sourcing this  business education  from different places–

join me in

The Wealthy Baker System

You should start building your profitable cake business but right now, not in 5 or 10 years.


  • having hardly or no customers,
  • Pricing your cakes,
  • Not knowing how to grow your business
  • Not knowing how to start keeping proper accounting books
  • Not knowing how to standout
  • Lack of funds
  • Lack of patronage
  • Always having to reduce your price
  • Not knowing how to find your customers

I can help you with these.

I have helped bakers achieve their dream of having and building a moneymaking cake business through my online courses.

Here Are Some More Testimonials I Have Received

You may be thinking I have had my cake business for a while, what can you teach me that I do not already know.


The thing is that do you want to remain where you are. Right now, do you have and have access to information on how you can continue growing and building your business?


We are all at different stages in our business


Some may just be starting, some don’t know how to brand their business, some may not know how to structure or take their business to the next level. Some may need help in pricing or some may just need a coach to take a look at their business and offer recommendations.


In this Course there are various ways to be educated no matter where you are in your business journey because new content will be added as we go along further in the Course.


Module 1: Finding your unique selling point (How to stand out from the crowd)

By the end of this module, you will know the importance of having a niche and how to go about finding your unique selling point and stand out from a crowded cake market.

Module 2: Marketing for Cake Businesses

By the end of this module, you will know how to market and target the type of customers you want to do business with. you will also be able to come up with marketing strategies to get your name out there. You will also be able to market online using various social media tools. Lastly you will also be able to develop a goal driven marketing plan.

Module 3: ‘Pricing for profit for Cake Businesses’.

By the end of this module, you will be able to break down all the elements that go into pricing cakes and knowing your worth. You will also know how to work out what price you should be selling your cakes to make a profit without pricing yourself out of the market.

Module 4: ‘Accounting for Cake Businesses’.

By the end of this module, you will know what accounting books are needed for her business for it to run smoothly and keep track of your finances, also what accounting software to use.

You will Also Get These:


Bonus 1

How to Gracefully announce and handle a Price Increase with Workbook and checklist

(Valued at N15,000 )

Bonus 2

The Big Book of Social Media Marketing Tips

(Valued at N10,000)

Bonus 3

3 months membership in my Building a profitable cake business resource library 

(Valued at N30,000  )

Bonus 4

60 days of access to me for accountability, support, and feedback through an exclusive Facebook Group


Bonus for Early Birds

Early Bird Bonus 1

Free coaching from me after the class where I will take an in depth look at their individual business and come up with recommendations and a plan for a sustainable and growing business

Early Bird Bonus 2

Discounted The Wealthy Baker System Online Course


And This Is In Addition To:

Lifetime access to The Wealthy Baker System 4 Modules, video training, workbooks, downloadable templates and resource guides

(Valued at N150,000)


60 Days of access to me for accountability, support, and feedback through an exclusive Facebook Group

(Valued at N40,000)

Lifelong access to other people going on the same journey, for support and possible joint venture collaborations

(Valued Priceless)

3 months membership in my Building A Profitable Cake Business Resource Library

(Valued at N30,000)

The Early Birders will get FREE coaching from me after the class where I will take an in depth look at their individual business and come up with recommendations and a plan for a sustainable and growing business

(Valued at N50,000)

Video Courses Included In The Building A Profitable Cake Business Resource Library

How To Create a Website your Cake Business

How To Send Bulk SMS

How to Create a Domain Name for your Cake Business

How to Send Bulk Emails to your Cake Customers

How to Create A Facebook Page

 In Addition This is what you will get from me:

  • A cake business coach who will look into your business and give recommendations on how you can improve your business;
  • A lot of motivation and inspiration;
  • Real advice from someone who is already running her cake business;
  • Someone on our side to push you outside your comfort zone;
  • Easy to implement advice;
  • Loads of templates ready to use for your cake business


My name is Rotimicakelady and I am a cake business coach that teach cake business owners how to grow and have a profitable cake business so that they have a constant stream of customers buying their delicious treats.

I have been running my own successful home based cake business for some years now.

I have also been teaching bakers through my online courses who are struggling with low sales, with strategies on how to market, and price their cakes for profit.

In addition I am also run a Facebook Group where I coach, offer support and help bakers in their businesses.

I have helped over 50 bakers through my online course ‘A comprehensive guide to starting your cake business in 30 days’ with much needed information on how to start a cake business in Nigeria. I also teach close to 4000 cake enthusiasts through my Facebook Group how to run a money making cake business.

I have been featured in ‘Naija Top Baker’ magazine, one of Nigeria’s foremost cake magazines and also been a Guest Speaker at the Bakery World Convention.

So if you are struggling with getting customers for your cakes, i can help you  solve this problem by showing you how to market, sell, price, plan, structure and brand your business so you are constantly selling to the right people who want your cakes.

How Will The Course Be Delivered?

  • You will be given access to our online school, where you will access the lessons with your own unique username and password. Each module shall become accessible every 10 days so you do not get overwhelmed and will find time to watch the videos at your own pace and implement the strategies;
  • Step by step downloadable instructions, worksheets and exercises to help implement what you’ve learned;
  • Bonus videos;
  • Membership in our FB group;
  • Additional resources (links, downloadables and so on) added as we go along;
  • You can watch the videos at our pace;
  • Access (via email or whatsapp) to me personally so I can help you work through any questions or problems you may have.

Get The Wealthy Baker Course

for just N50,000

Choose Your Investment Option:


  • One time payment of  N40,000 (to be paid before 48 hours);
  • Best deal - save N10,000 and no further billing;
  • You will get all bonuses, resources, course materials, templates;
  • Lifetime access to all the modules;
  • 60 days exclusive Facebook access;
  • 3 months membership to the Building a Profitable Cake business resource Library;
  • 1 month private Business Coaching from Rotimicakelady






  • Pay N25,000 each in 2 installments.
  • (You have till November 10 to pay N25,000 and you pay the balance on 1st December).
  • Budget-friendly;
  • You get all the bonuses, resources, course materials (excluding the Early Bird Bonuses).
  • Lifetime access to all the modules;
  • 60 days exclusive Facebook access;
  • 3 months membership to the Building a profitable cake business resource library





Is this Course for you?

If you are not sure if this Course is for you here are some answers to some questions I have received so far.

I have not started a business yet, how will this class benefit me?
Then this is the ideal Course for you. Isn’t it better to get all the information and skills you need now, so that when you start your cake business you are confident and have all you need to start and run your business without making any mistakes. It is like getting all the answers before the exam.


I really want to join this Class, can I pay small small?
Well you are in luck. You don’t have to pay the full sum now. You can pay half now and the balance later. Here is the link to the payment plan.


Look I am not a startup I have been in this business for a while. What is it that you are going to teach me that I do not know already?
Let me ask you something. Just because you are very good at baking and decorating does that mean you do not try to improve your skills? Are you saying you won’t go for any extra training again because you know everything that has to do with baking and decorating? I think not. We all need to grow and improve our skills and knowledge especially if it is for the betterment of our business.

Business education is the same. You always need additional knowledge and learning to help you and your business become better. You cannot remain stagnant forever. 

How is this Course different from your other Courses?

Well one huge difference is that for the next 60 days I am at your beck and call ready to answer any questions you need help with.
Why is this Course so expensive? Don’t you know there is recession?

Let me tell you something. History has shown that in period of recession that is when people make money and more millionaires are made in a period of recession that in any other time. I am not lying. Look it up.

This is an opportunity for you. They say opportunity only knocks but once. What are the chances that you came about this Course? Haven’t you been looking for something like this? So here it is. 

This Course is of very great value and is of great benefit to you. Anything of value and quality is worth a lot. I cannot force you to take this Course, but one thing I will say is that this Course will show you how to make more money in your business.

I guarantee this awesome Course 100%, so here is the payment plan where you can pay in instalments so you are not too overwhelmed by the price.
Wow! I don’t have this money now. Can I join after when I get the money?

I am so sorry but once the deadline has passed. It has passed. I need to give my utmost time and attention to those students that have joined.


So if you don’t have the money now and cannot meet the instalment payment plan. Just try your best to save this money, so you can when it reopens but be warned  the price will have increased.