How To Prepare For Braeden's Visit

Let participants know that Braeden will be super-excited to meet them. Although he does not use words, Braeden may make some loud squeals or noises to convey his excitement.

Let participants know that we welcome questions! Participants should feel comfortable asking anything they want to know. 

If you have any questions or need to communicate ahead of time about the accessibility of your venue, please email us. Please note that this is currently a Sydney-based program, and Braeden is only able to visit venues in the Sydney area.

After Braeden's Visit

We would appreciate your thoughts on what worked well and what we could do differently. Please fill out the survey below, or email us if you would prefer a feedback form.

Braeden communicates and shares information using photos. If you take any photos on the day that we are able to use, we would appreciate you sending them to us.

Thank you for giving Braeden the opportunity to chat. It's a great way for Braeden to develop his skills, as well as a beneficial learning experience for participants.